Hair Products – Your Ultimate and Useful Guide

Many girls who are new to the La Dida Dee Diva routine for keeping their hair manageable and impressive, find it hard to get past the first step. The first step is being what to buy, what to use and how to know if it is the right product for their hair. In this article I … Continue Reading

Rocker Outfit – Chic and Comfortable

This rocker outfit is perfect for those attending a concert. Not to mention in honor of the late David Bowie. The plaid pants add an edgy street look to the whole thing while the metal bracelets just accentuate everything. Taking a bag with this rocker outfit is entirely optional. You can also swap the sneakers with commando … Continue Reading

Plaid Pants Autumn Outfit

Many people think of plaid pants as pajama pants. But that belief has been diminished a long time back. Toying with autumn’s muted hues this plaid pants outfit gives you a chance to to go black and white and achieve that aesthetic look you have been longing for. The aviators are a must for every … Continue Reading