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10 Three-Ingredient Fixes for Your Skin and Hair

10 Three-Ingredient Fixes for Your Skin and Hair

Beauty of a person solely depends on his or her skin and hair. Soft, smooth, manageable and lustrous hair speaks volumes of your elegance. Same is the case with your skin; glowing, flawless and wrinkle-free skin surface certainly shows you years younger and prettier. There are a few only three ingredient fixes that serve your skin and hair marvelously. Try them and bless my soul when you look in the mirror:

  1. For Silky Straight Hair

Many girls wish to have straight hair that flow like silk on their shoulders. I am sure you have personally dreamed that many times and may be you have tried some expensive products and fancy hair straightening equipment too. But the result that you can have with this simple handy remedy is far better than other expensive methods.

Yogurt           1 Tbsp

Egg white    1

Olive Oil       1 Tbsp

Method: Mix the three ingredients well and apply on your scalp and hair. Cover your head with a wet and warm towel. Wait for 2 hours and then wash and rinse thoroughly with any suitable shampoo.

  1. Keep Your Curls soft and Curvy

Curly hair needs a lot more care to keep up their lustrous look and bouncy curves. A home remedy which helps manage the hair without you need to comb is the best way to keep the curls in the best form. Here is a well experienced method:

Fresh Aloe Vera Gel     4 Tbsp

Lemon Juice                  2 Tbsp

Coconut Oil                    3 Tbsp

Method: Crush the Aloe Vera gel fully to make it paste. Mix all three things together and beat well. Apply the soft paste on your scalp and hair. Wrap a towel on your head and wait for 1 hour. Then wash thoroughly with shampoo and rinse well. Leave your hair to dry without using any brush or comb. Here you go with lovely and perfect curls.

  1. Cure Dandruff

Dandruff kills the natural beauty of hair whether short or long. After developing dandruff, the hair does not remain healthy and looks dull.  The best of the ingredients used at home which have proved their efficiency are here:

Mustard Oil                         2 Tbsp

Lemon Extract                   1 Tbsp

Apple Cider Vinegar       3 Tbsp

Method: Mix the three liquids pretty well and apply them on your scalp generously. Rub the scalp for 5 minutes and wait for 2 hours. Wash your hair with lukewarm water and shampoo thoroughly. Repeat the method twice a week and go with a shiny clean scalp within a fortnight.

  1. Grow Lush Black Hair

Long hair is a blessing. With plenty of styles options you can go trendy every day in a new look. No one would refuse a cheap and handy remedy to grow his hair longer and healthier. Here you go with simple yet successful method for extra hair growth:

Mustard Oil       2 Tbsp

Olive Oil             1 Tbsp

Coconut Oil      1 Tbsp

Method: Mix all the ingredients and apply them all over your scalp generously. Massage with your finger tips for not less than 5-7 minutes. If you want fast and improved results warm the mixture before applying. Wait for 2 hours or a bit more and wash your hair with lukewarm water and shampoo. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat the procedure twice a week and grow plenty of new hair in a month only.

  1. Best Care for Greasy Hair

Greasy scalp hinders fast growth of hair as the extra layer of natural oil on the scalp weakens the roots and reduces hair growth. Excessive use of shampoo or other expensive products bring temporary relief and is expensive too. With the following simple remedy you can keep your scalp perfectly clean from the excessive oil and at the same time nutritious the skin too:

Henna                       3 Tbsp

Yogurt Water         ½ cup

Lemon Juice         1 Tbsp

Method: Mix the above ingredients in a bowl and keep the consistency soft. You can increase yogurt water (put yogurt in a cheese cloth to obtain its water) if needed. Leave the paste for 2 hours and then apply on your scalp. In winter you can warm it to avoid catching cold. Wrap your head with a scarf or plastic cap for 2-3 hours and then wash your hair with water thoroughly and then with shampoo. Softly comb your hair under the running water to get rid of Henna particles fully. Enjoy great results within a month.

  1. Best Skin Care Method for Cold Dry Winter

The cold and dry winds in winter wrinkle the skin at some places and chap it at other. But you can keep your skin fresh as a rose and glowing with the following method:

Rose Water                           ½ Cup

Glycerin                                 1 Tbsp

Filtered Lemon Juice      1 Tbsp

Method: Mix the above ingredients in a small bottle and keep it handy. Apply on your face, arms, hands and feet three times a day for 1 hour and then wash them and apply any lotion that matches your skin type. This keeps your skin smooth and soft throughout dry season. This mixture must not be stored for more than 3 days.

  1. Efficient Skin Cleansing

To clean dust, sweat, grease and make-up from the skin thoroughly and securely using water and soap does not suffice. On the other hand it does not nourish the skin too. When you need skin cleaning try the following method to pamper your skin:

Gram Floor          1 Tbsp

Plain Yogurt       ½ Tbsp

Lemon Juice     ½ Tbsp

Method: Mix the three ingredients and apply them on the body area of your choice. Leave for 10 minutes and then wash by softly rubbing with simple water thoroughly. You can apply this paste every day in summer especially in humid hot days to keep your skin safe from the bad effects of excessive grease and sweat. It keeps the skin amazingly smooth, and regular use clears the acne spots.

  1. General skin care to keep Young Looking

Wrinkles can be avoided to a great extent and till quite late years of your life and you can look years younger! Keep your skin flexible, well nourished and glowing with the simple but trusted method below:

Aloe Vera juice      1 Tbsp

Egg White               1 Tbsp

Milk                           1 Tbsp

Method: Mix the three ingredients well. You can mix them in a blender too. Apply the paste on your face, neck, arms and feet. Wash with slightly warm water thoroughly and apply a body lotion that suits your skin. This mixture if used every other day can get you back your 20s look in a month only.

  1. Skin Care Method for all Seasons and Ages

Life goes through many ordeals every day. Some are small and some are big but they all have a direct effect on your physical condition. Skin shows the effect of these ups and downs in the form of dullness, wrinkles, dark areas, pimples etc. Here is an easy and highly efficient skin care method that can restore the natural glow, softness and baby look of your skin:

Pure Honey                           1 Tbsp

Turkish Wheat Flour         1 Tbsp

Milk                                           2 Tbsp

Method: Mix the ingredients in a bowl and make sure that it is very soft. You can add some drops of milk and some honey to make it thin. Take the mixture on your finger tips and apply on your face, arms, feet etc. Scrub your face in circular movements with your fingers and other parts of your body too. Massage your fingers and nails pretty well. Continue scrubbing for a few minutes and then take a bath or just wash with simple water. Your skin gets extra soft and glossy. Remember to apply a lotion which is suitable for your skin type. You can repeat this method once or twice a week, depending on your life schedule.

  1. Maintain Ultra Fresh Skin

Winter, dry winds, dust and stress deprives your skin from its natural glow. Moreover, if you apply some make up, your skin gets duller. You need to nourish your skin with necessary vitamin rich juices to restore its natural gloss and keep it healthy. Here is a great fruit and vegetable juice mix that can do wonders to your skin:

Carrot Juice                             1 Tbsp

Cucumber Juice                     1 Tbsp

Lemon Juice                            1 Tbsp

Method: Mix the juices and apply them with a soft brush or your fingers on your face especially around your eyes. Apply it on your neck and hands till elbows as well. You can increase the ingredients if you like to apply it on more body parts. After it fully absorbs in the skin wait for a few minutes, and wash your face with plain water. Now you can apply makeup or any cream that you normally use.

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