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10 Halloween Makeup Looks – Be Scary and Sexy

10 Halloween Makeup Looks – Be Scary and Sexy

Pumpkin season is here ladies! You know what that means? No, don’t whip out those cliche cat costumes. How about you go for something way darker, spookier, sexier and awesome-r? It is time to whip out those costume makeup bags and kits instead of costumes. This year we will be going for a more sophisticated look instead of cat ears and those props. Without further ado, ladies, I can’t wait to show you all these cool halloween makeup looks that probably will take time (and be worth it) but you can recreate from them your own ideas:

Half Diva | Half Alien

halloween makeup looks

No trouble with this ladies! Simply just go through your everyday fashionista makeup routine. Eyebrows, mascara, eyeshadow, contour, highlighter and lipstick. You can go really creative with this look for the alien vibe can be morphed to a demon type using vampire makeup with black lenses and red highlights around the eyes.

Halloween Makeup Looks: Cutie Vamp

halloween makeup looks

This is one of those easy halloween makeup looks. Start with the whitest base you can find to make that face. Use black  eyeshadow to create those dramatic eye circles and lighten the dark shade a bit with some brown shadow. Around the corners/edges of each circle; apply a light shade of brown to tone down the harshness. Fake blood is perfect for the lips.

Super Sophisticated Skeleton Look

halloween makeup looks

If this isn’t sexy, I don’t know what is! Total grunge with a dash of hipster in it. Needs a lot of work and dedication but as long as you have the color black in the form of eyeshadow, eyeliner and halloween costume makeup you can achieve this look. You have to work hard on blending the blackness out to create that shadowy effect.

Ethereal Demonic Beauty Look

halloween makeup looks

Very subtly spiderman themed, you can vary with the lip color. Go for a bold red, black, deep burgundy or other haunting colors. You can also switch out the blue halloween eye makeup with orange and pair it with an orange lip. It’s a yes from me!

Decaying with Style

halloween makeup looks

This look is very much like the first look. The hair color plays a big role in making this look all the more trendy and sexy but honestly if you have your hair dyed a funky color like purple/red/green/jet black this look will suit you best. The halloween face makeup used in this look mostly consists of black so you need a lot of that.

Wolverine Mask – Halloween Makeup Looks

halloween makeup looks

Totally worth all the effort you put in to it, this look is a stunner. If you want to steer off the path a little go for an eyeliner that stretches all the way up to your eyebrows. Another tip would be add some color around your hairline. It can match with your eye lenses’ color or just go crazy with the scary halloween makeup colors. Temporarily streak dye your hair for this look and you’ll be SLAYING! Opt for red eye lenses too.

Dreamer with the Dark Thoughts

halloween makeup looks

This look strays far into the spooky category more than the sexy but maybe that is all the eye lens effects. Yea? Some makeup ideas for halloween would be; go for red lenses, add some fiery highlights. Tie your hair up into space buns/two high ponytails to finish off the look in an effortless manner. A strapless costume is best worn with this look.

Sorry I Ate Your Heart Out!

halloween makeup looks

Wow! For those ladies who don’t have natural jade green eyes go for strikingly haunting lenses. You don’t want something over the top like black or red lenses. Green happens to blend well with all the redness on her face. Those squiggly lines under her eyes can be hard to pull off so switch to simple streaks and blend them out with a brush dipped in loose red shadow. One of the best halloween makeup looks or what?

Hauntingly Beautiful

halloween makeup looks

I’m not sure whether it is the lip color or the flawless eyeshadow that make the model look so godly! It definitely is her pale skin! This one, is the best halloween makeup look I saw today and is so effortlessly easy. You could switch up your foundation for a really light one from your halloween makeup kits. Oh, and don’t forget that small dot under your left eye.

Gothic Babe

halloween makeup looks

YAS! This gothic satanic cult look is what this whole list is about. We’re all a sucker for gothic makeup looks and fashion so this one is definitely a winner! If you look closely you can notice small detail like the white eyeliner and eyeshadow, smooth mascara, defined lip lining and of course the lenses. You can switch up the game a little bit with halloween make up stitched wounds around the cheekbone area. Shop the Stitched Wound Temporary Tattoos.

But hey, if you have come up with your own collection of halloween makeup ideas don’t forget to share them with us in the comments below. Or “@” us on Instagram  Subscribe for more awesome content.

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