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About Us

FashionistaLassie is an exclusive portal that displays products linked to style and offers beauty tips and manufactures to the fashionistas of the world. The selections of products on FashionistaLassie are from reputable brands at very reasonable rates. With a convenient method to decide and choose from, FashionistaLassie offers you to shop from a unique and a carefully picked selection of what is trendy and new in the world of fashion.

Fashion is the focal point in the eternal world of style. The versatility of this colorful world and its ability to absorb what qualifies as the term of fashion, has attracted us greatly to indulge in this vital industry with our carefully picked apparel, accessories, make-up, shoes, bags and most importantly the tips relating to the right care of your body to perfectly fit in the style you pick.

The ever changing fashion styles bring in your life what you commonly do not observe or pay attention to. Magnificently, it has the ability to silently penetrate deep inside your mind and force upon your senses, behavior and psych transformations a diverse nature which is pleasant if the selection is just right! Realizing that subtle factor of fashion, we felt that there is still a great deal of amazing points that can modify your style to better levels.

Fashion in the world of style is not static. It is mobile and throbs with dynamic ideas. We believe in the force of ideas that are unprecedented and at the same time not repelling. By adding or subtracting some colors; altering a design slightly or merely changing the accessories worn with a dress; unique styles can be brought to light. With this perception and faith in the strength of new ideas, we commence this portal to offer our visitors a step ahead in their choices and taste of style.

So, there you go with your experience with fashion through FashionistaLassie in a new perception that would simply improve your looks and opinions.

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