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Baby Powder Uses: Makeup, Hair and Body Hacks

Baby Powder Uses: Makeup, Hair and Body Hacks

Baby products are quite frequently used for grownups as well. For example, baby oil is a great shaving cream alternative and gives you the neatest finish. While baby shampoo is used to clean makeup brushes! Baby powder is another one of those items that can also be incorporated in the grownup world, and look awesome. Baby powder uses range over a large area but today you are going to learn all about how to use it for your beauty purposes.


Baby Powder Uses: For Baking Purposes

baby powder uses face baking

Most of the times girls use a translucent powder to bake and set their makeup look. But most of the times you see these different powders up for grabs under very high prices. And every girl cannot afford them. So instead of that, use baby powder! Baby powder comes in various scents, is very fine in texture and sets your face perfectly.

Dry Shampoo

baby powder uses dry shampoo

You have probably heard of this hack so many times but that is only because it works so well. But if you have not heard of this yet. You can use baby powder as a dry shampoo when you can’t or don’t have time to wash your hair. Simply sprinkle the fine powder in your roots and rub. Make sure there isn’t sparse powder everywhere.

Longer Lashes

baby powder uses mascara

Every girl yearns for longer lashes and although that is not always achievable you can find another way. Baby powder uses even stretch out to this part of makeup. First, apply a coat of mascara. Then brush on some baby powder with a makeup brush onto your lashes. Apply a second coat of mascara. By now you will see a stark difference but if you want to go further, brush on some more baby powder and another mascara coat.

Stinky Shoes

baby powder uses shoes

Baby powder uses deal with things other than makeup. If your shoes tend to smell after a day of wearing then here’s your answer. Most say you should use teabags (pop them in your shoes and leave overnight) but baby powder works better. Why? Baby powder smells way more fragrant than teabags and you do not have to wait for a such a long time. Simply sprinkle some powder in your shoe and leave for 3-4 hours (maximum).

Sandy Days

baby powder uses sand

Beach days are the best but when you lie on the hot sand, get up and you look like a sandcastle-human-being things start to look a lot darker. Who wants sand stuck in all their body’s crevices? The answer is no one! Baby powder is used in removing all those sand particles. Make sure to pack a bottle with you and when you need to dump some powder onto your arms and legs. Rub methodically and in no time you will be sand-clean. This is a super reliable method for not only is baby powder cheap but isn’t harmful to your skin and smells fabulous.

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