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Beauty Hacks: The Ultimate MASTER Post for 2017

Beauty Hacks: The Ultimate MASTER Post for 2017

Women’s beauty and makeup routines are known to be lengthy and super stressful and repeating them every day just sounds like a pain in the…well you get the idea! And repeating the same routine everyday sounds about the most boring thing ever. Then…you guessed it…ladies tend to drop their routines and stick to lazy, unhygienic and unhealthy habits like not washing their hair for a week. So, a disclaimer before you start reading this post, this is not a lazy girl easy beauty hacks master post. Here at FashionistaLassie, we believe in self-treating. If you don’t treat your body like a freakin’ Roman Empire, what are you doing? Nothing in the world deserves love, appreciation, attention, pampering more than your body. And besides, what feels better than looking at yourself in the mirror and being proud of who you are and how you look? After we’ve established that check out this master list of various types of best beauty hacks for every part of your body.

Shaving Beauty Hacks

beauty hacks

  1. Protect your razor from rusting by applying olive oil on it in between shaves and after you’re done shaving.
  2. After shaving apply a layer of baby oil on the area for a smoother result.
  3. Don’t have shaving cream? Any type of hair conditioner you own works just fine (tested and proven).
  4. Get rid of pilling on your clothes with a sharp shaving razor. Simply get that piece of clothing and stretch it out so you don’t accidentally snag and cut the fabric. And go ahead and start “shaving” the little bumps in small motions. You will need to stop every once in a while and tap your razor firmly on a hard surface to unclog its blade.

Hair Beauty Hacks 

hair life hacks

  1. Styling your hair with heat? Gonna take a while? Apply deodorant on the back of your neck to avoid sweating.
  2. Balding areas? Hair thinning from some sections? Go for brown eyeshadow and lightly brush it on the exposed scalp to cover the white sections. See also our list of simple yet stylish hairstyles for every occasion: PART 1 and PART 2.
  3. Avoid frizziness and breakage by drying your hair with an old cotton t-shirt. Also, check out how to straighten your hair NATURALLY  with NO HEAT!
  4. Don’t have time for showering but your hair really needs a wash? Pop your locks in the skin for quick dip and scrub! Stay on the safe side and get to know all the hair products you need
  5. Get overnight curls with a simple braid! The braid can be of varied intensity and tightness depending on whether you want loose or tight curls. Or if you’re a curly girl find out about this natural product which is the answer to all your curl related problems.
  6. Flyaways? Here’s the professional way of taming them that celebrity hair stylists use. Forget toothbrushes and the frizz they bring. Opt for a big soft powder brush. Tame away! After you’re done taming check out our article on achieving Rihanna level hairstyles.

Makeup Beauty Hacks

  1. Lips

    makeup hacks

    1. Add peppermint/cinnamon oil in your lip gloss for plumper lips. Also read about the benefits of this oil.
    2. Cinnamon lip scrub for fuller lips before lip routine.
    3. Apply a swipe of gloss after your favorite lipstick for a fuller look.
    4. Want to create an ombre lip effect. Apply your designated lipstick and apply some white color in the middle of your lips. Lightly blend the color in with the rest of your lip.
    5. Get rid of dead skin and exfoliate your lips with a simple wet toothbrush. Make this a part of your teeth brushing routine. Make sure the toothbrush is toothpaste-free.
  2. Eyes

    beauty hacks

    1. Apply 3 layers of baby powder+mascara for thicker and more voluminous lashes
    2. Eyelash curler absolutely not helping? Give it a hot blast from your hair dryer before use.
    3. Under eye bags? Is your concealer not concealing anything? It’s time to use your reddest lipstick, not for your lips. Follow the same triangle outline but fill it out with your lipstick. Dab out then go through with your foundation routine.
    4. Prone to puffy eyes after waking up? Pop two spoons in your fridge before sleeping. Wake up next morning and rub them under your eyes. If you forgot to put ’em in the fridge before sleeping, after waking up pop them in your freezer. They will need 15-20 minutes to be cold but if you have more time leave them for 30.
    5. Don’t have an eyeshadow base. Easy! Use a white eyeliner pencil.
    6. Avoid clumpy and stubborn mascara by running your tube under hot water. Don’t let the water flow go above the cap area or else you’ll be dealing with runny mascara.
  3. Face

    makeup tips

    1. Makeup taking to long to dry? Don’t have time to wait? Turn on your hair dryer on cold and enjoy the breeze on your face.
    2. Achieve a quick blush with your lipstick and finger. Add a dab on your eyelid for a warm glowy look. Check out our other list of makeup beauty hacks.
    3. Use concealer wisely! Make your winged liner stand out by brushing some concealer right below the wing. After drawing your eyebrows line the edges with concealer and blend them out. Make your lipstick stand out by applying a light concealer around the outline of your lips.
    4. Just woke up? You look tired and drowsy? Give yourself a glamorous and fully awake look by applying highlighter in the right places; middle of your forehead, bridge of your nose, apples of your cheeks and your Cupid’s bow.

Nail Hacks

beauty hacks and tips

  1. Pop your nail polish in the fridge for 15 minutes before applying to make the application smoother
  2. Is your manicure growing out? Hide the growth with a splash of glitter. Create an ombre effect for a professional touch.
  3. Get longer nails in 2-3 days with this guaranteed and fully natural method of ours.
  4. Elmers Glue is perfect for nail peel offs.

Beauty Hacks for Skin

best beauty hacks

    1. Got wide pores? Puffy/irritated skin? So many pimples? You can tone down the issue (not remove it) with an ice cube. Grab an ice cube and methodically rub it all over your face, not missing a spot! Careful, it starts dripping like crazy so do this in your bathroom in front of a mirror.
    2. Cracked heels? Dry feet? Simple! Cure them in one night with this proven method of ours.
    3. Big Girl Hack: Avoid chafing when wearing skirts by applying deodrant between your thighs
    4. Get rid of blackheads with a 15 minute mask. Fully natural! Check the recipe out.
    5. Got oily skin? For a super quick fix cut an aloe plant in half and rub the jelly part on your face. Create an even coating on all your face. Leave and let dry for 5 minutes (for moderately oily skin) or 10 minutes (for very oily skin). Wash and commence with your makeup routine. It is best to use the extract straight from the plant for the gels that are sold in stores are cured and added to them moisturizing products which cancel out the drying out property. Or check out this list of proven methods.

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