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Boost Nail Growth – 3 NATURAL Tested Fixes

Boost Nail Growth – 3 NATURAL Tested Fixes

Your nails are the hugest aspect of attraction about you, no? Even if you don’t think so; your fingernails depict a lot about who you are and your personality. So better make a great impression, right? The biggest problem is that nail growth speed and nail health varies from one girl to another. Some ladies have naturally beautiful, long nails and others have a hard time growing theirs out or stopping them from cracking/peeling off. But thankfully, there are some fully natural fixes to boost nail growth and help you in obtaining healthy nails in a week.

Boost Nail Growth – Fix #1: Garlic

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Known for centuries to be one of the oddest yet most helpful ingredient in beauty routines; garlic is your best nail growth treatment. There many ways that you can use it to grow nails fast. The first way you can use it is by mashing as many cloves as you need into a fine paste. Afterward, spreading the paste on to your nails shouldn’t be hard. You have to leave the paste on to your nails for about 30-60 minutes before washing it off. That is really all you have to do to get strong nails with the help of garlic. You can also add lemon juice for strengthening your nails.

You don’t need nail growth polish or nail growth products. Just make sure you use some strongly scented soap for scrubbing the paste off. Garlic tends to have a very strong and everlasting smell. Use essential oils on your nails afterward and don’t cut back on the massaging. The more you massage your cuticles and nail bed; the quicker you boost nail growth.

Boost Nail Growth – Fix #2: Flaxseed Gel

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Not many know of this nail growth treatment. The reason being; it is not very convenient for most but the results are worth it! You can make nails grow faster in less than a week with this magic serum. All you need is a tablespoon of flaxseeds and about 1/2 cup water. Depending on the quantity you want to make; you can experiment accordingly. Basically, all you do is pour the seeds and water into a pot and leave them to boil on medium to low heat. The water will slowly turn thicker and more glutinous as the flaxseeds start melting away their outer jelly layer. Soon you will see a bubbly layer on to of the water and that is when you know you should turn off the heat, sieve your gel (preferably through pantyhose) and leave it to cool.

Your gel’s thick consistency depends entirely on your ratio of flaxseeds to water. The more the seeds, the less the water; the thicker your gel is and vice versa. There is no fixed recipe for flaxseed gel, you get the hang of it with time and making it more often. So don’t despair if your gel is too runny, simply pop it back in a pot and add more seeds and let them boil once more. There is no failure in this nail growth serum. After your gel has cooled, wash your hands thoroughly (focusing on your nails) and then apply the gel onto each nail. You can do multiple layers by letting the first layer dry off then applying a second layer. It is also worth mentioning that your nails need to be bare for this (if that wasn’t obvious). Moreover, the gel is completely scentless. You can even add essential oils of your choice and wear the gel on your nails ALL DAY. This gel is a terrific nail strengthener and eliminates brittle nails.

Boost Nail Growth – Fix #3: Aloe Vera

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If you haven’t already found out by now, aloe vera is quite literally a life saver for every single lady out there. From people who suffer from oily skin to ones who want to grow out their lashes and brows to moisturizing their hair and avoiding dandruff; aloe vera is all…all that you need for flawless skin, hair, and most importantly to boost nail growth. It is way easier to apply and use than any other nail growth treatments. If you have the plant at your disposal (which is very easy to grow and keep at your home/apartment) then it is way healthier and guaranteed. But you can also get an Aloe leaf from your local grocers or nursery.

After you get your hands on an Aloe leaf, you want to peel the outer green layer to reveal the translucent silverish gooey meat on the inside. Scoop out all that goodness with a spoon and pop it in a blender with maybe a dollop of water. You can also add essential oils of your choice or some moisturizing agent (if you have dry skin) most preferably castor oil; because it’s also terrific to boost nail growth. After you give it a good whizz in the blender, pour it out into a jar and store it in the fridge. Use a brush or your fingers for application and once more, Aloe doesn’t stink and you can easily leave it on your nails all day/all night…for however long you like.


boost nail growth

There are so many stores and shops that stock nail growth supplements or nail growth polish which can sometimes be the most harmful thing you ever put on your nails. Most of them which are packed with chemicals will be the death of your nails. Others that are slightly more natural and beneficial are usually more expensive than these inexpensive and immensely helpful home remedies for rapid nail growth. After trying out these natural and safe remedies you can easily try out various nail designs without worrying about the health of your nails.

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