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Frizzy Hair No More – Say Hello to Natural Remedies

Frizzy Hair No More – Say Hello to Natural Remedies

Multiple ladies suffer from the incessant annoyance of having frizzy hair. Most of the times this gets in the way of many women when they get down to styling their hair. At times even a straightening iron cannot smoothen out their frizzy locks. So in turn ladies go for products like hair gel, serums, creams and sprays. Of course these products are chemically manufactured so they definitely have side effects like whitening your hair too quickly and making you fall out. Not to mention hair breakage and split ends are basically going to be everything your hair consists of. So what can a lady do? If you want to know the best treatment for frizzy hair keep reading and find out about some awesome natural remedies:

Avocados for Frizzy Hair

frizzy hair

You probably do not know (or do) but avocados are really rich in oils and conditions your hair very perfectly. If you are ever facing a problem of dry/frizzy hair, avocado is your best remedy. It is even better when you mix the avocado with a rich and nutritional oil like olive oil. Avocado and olive oil together make a great hair conditioner. You can either apply it before washing your hair or afterwards depending on how frizzy your hair is. Because, this mixture is extremely oily you will have to take care on how much you use. I would say it would be best to add a few drops of castor oil. Improves the smell as well as adds volume to your hair.

Oil Therapy

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You should know natural oils like coconut, olive, argan, castor, rosemary, jojoba, pomegranate seed and tea tree oil; are really great for your frizzy hair. If you regularly apply these oils in your scalp and hair before shampooing with an hour or so, your frizzy hair will definitely disappear after a few weeks of regular therapy. It is even better if you choose the hot therapy method which is really easy. All you need to do is apply the oil(s) of your choice then dip a towel in hot water. Rinse it out. Wrap your hair in it. The heat will help in expanding your scalp’s pores and in turn they will take in more of the oil and nourish your hair. Want to experiment a bit? Combine different oils together like castor with olive or argan and coconut for no frizz hair.

After Shampoo Oil Therapy

I find this method really helpful as I have super frizzy short hair with so much volume and it just goes up in a poof on top of my head. It gets so frustrating and no matter how hard i try to flatten it down, use conditioners and even hair creams; nothing works.


frizzy hair

So I decided to go for a method that says oil therapy but more sophisticated. I do not use natural oils like the ones straight from the bottle as they are very thick and give my hair a greasy look. Ew! I use refined oils that are sold in bottles. Basically hair oil! This is how the process goes:

  • Go through the usual routine of shampooing your hair and rinsing it out.
  • Take your time. That’s what I do, I took an hour once! Record time, ladies.
  • After all the lather is rinsed out.
  • Pool a small puddle of hair oil in your palm. Rub your palms together to coat your fingers then run your hands through your hair
  • I have curly hair so in order to keep my curls intact I scrunch up my hair.
  • I use only 1 small puddle and I have shoulder length hair and very voluminous. So if you have long, fine hair go for the same thing. You don’t want your hair too greasy
  • After you’re done massaging (DON’T PUT ANY HAIR OIL IN YOUR SCALP) turn on the shower and rinse out your hair again with plain water. No shampoo!
  • If you have a comb at hand, use it to remove as much excessive oil as possible.

That’s it! That is basically what my hair routine is. Nothing else. It helps in keeping away my frizz and defining my curls. Try it out and tell me you opinion.

Cut Down On Product/Heat Usage with Frizzy Hair

It is never a good idea to use sophisticated hair products like mousse, serum, creams, hair spray and dry shampoo. Especially when your hair is frizzy! You might think these products will help your frizz but in fact it is worsening it. It will get to a point where you can’t go a day without these products for they will be the only thing that ensure you no frizz. Not good! So use these extra products very minimalistically (yes that is a word) and go for other natural products.

Heat is another aspect that worsens your hair quality greatly. Throw out that blow dryer! Unless you’re using cold air then keep it. Intense heat will strip away the useful and natural moisture your hair follicles exude. This moisture is important in keeping your hair safe from dryness, heat, dust..etc. So withdraw from using heat!


I tried out this method once. Mixed around 1-2 tbsps of ACV in a full glass of water and rinsed my hair with it and…..well lets just say I had a really bad head of hair next morning. It was like depraved, dried out desert type of bad! It is safe to say that this method is not safe for all hair types. Mine was especially displeased by my actions. Talk about eliminating frizz. ACV basically just goes like “Hey nice frizzy hair, let me add some more to complete this LOOK”. So, ladies this method should be the last thing you use for frizzy hair.

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