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Makeup Brushes: How to Clean Them

Makeup Brushes: How to Clean Them

For every woman, makeup is a precious thing in her life. Moreover taking care of her supplies and accessories, is another key factor of using makeup. Makeup brushes need maintenance if you are expecting them to live a long life. The easiest way to guarantee your brushes durability is by preserving their cleanliness. Your brushes are constantly in contact with your face and skin resulting in all the bacteria and elements of your skin to stick with them. Using your brushes over and over again without cleaning them from leftover skin deposit will not only endanger your skin but cause breakouts, acne and clogged pores. With that being said, you do not need to clean your brushes every single day. Sanitizing your brushes once/twice a week (if you use them on a DAILY basis) sounds like a great idea.


Makeup Brushes’ Cleaners

mac brush cleaner

If you are unaware of this product, now’s the time to introduce yourself to it. You can find plenty of these from your favorite makeup brands, this Brush Cleanser from MAC  is the perfect example. These cleansers are designed to help you clean your brushes quickly and without hassle. Simply spray them onto your brush’s bristles and vigorously rub the brush on a towel (hand towels are great to work with). Designate a towel for this business and make sure it is clean every time you get down to cleaning your brushes. Make sure to leave your brushes to air dry overnight. It is worth mentioning that this method of cleaning brushes is simple and NOT called “deep cleaning”.

How to Deep Clean Makeup Brushes

how to clean makeup brushes

Deep cleaning your brushes is important to completely remove all residue from the very core of the brush. Not to mention this does the job better than cleansers. But, since you can’t do this method twice a week, cleanser-cleaning is better.

Deep cleaning is super easy and differs with every woman depending on her likes and choice. But the guaranteed way to deep clean your makeup brushes is as follows. You will need:

The olive oil is great in conditioning your brushes and making sure that whichever soap you are using does not dry them out too much. You need to apply the olive oil before the soap/shampoo. As for the choice of soap/shampoo, many ladies are recommending Dr. Bronners’ soaps. The soaps are super gentle, made of natural ingredients and can even be used for washing your hair and face.

To get the best out of your deep cleaning session, a brush cleaning mat is highly suggested.

sigma brush cleaning mat

But if you can’t purchase a mat at the moment, your hand works just as fine. Make sure you do not press your brush too harshly onto any surface you’re cleaning it on as that will destroy the fine bristles.

Usually, after deep cleaning, you should leave your brushes to dry out completely for 12 hours.


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