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Corsets: Why You Shouldn’t Wear One for Hours At End

Corsets: Why You Shouldn’t Wear One for Hours At End

All girls have one thing in common. Their desire of an enviable silhouette. At times it is a mere wish but sometimes it becomes a fully fledged obsession. One of those obsessions has to do with figure distorting. Waist cinchers are quite the opposite of what you think they are. Yes, from the outside they make you look super sexy and curvaceous. But, what happens on the inside? Items like corsets happen to do to your body a big load of harm than good. Keep reading to know how:

Corsets Pain

disadvantages of corsets

Many girls are not big on the pain factor when they start wearing a corset. Some can’t even breathe from it because they are simply not used to it. Difficulty in breathing leads to you avoiding too many tasks for they need energy and you don’t have that.


gabi grecko corset

Bending, sitting, moving around and other movements of yours are very well restricted when you wear a corset. Upon sitting your stomach folds in on itself (which is entirely normal) and the corset just stands straight like it usually does. The upper edge tends to stick up in your breasts and cause you discomfort.

Internal Organ Deformation from Corsets 

medical disadvantages of corsets

Why is your stomach shaped like that? Well, because it is holding, protecting and keeping your internal organs in shape. When you suddenly change that and strap on a tight corset, your organs are not used to that and they will all get squashed inside your body. From lung failure to heart problem you have a long list of possible problems ahead of you. Opt for exercise instead which transitions your body slowly and trains your organs to adapt to the changing form of your body.


Although you can still wear a corset from time to time when you are opting for a naughty lingerie night or you just want to try it on. But do not keep wearing one for hours at end. It will simply do you more harm than good. Exercise, diets and yoga help in keeping your silhouette natural and gorgeous the way it is.

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