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How to Wear A Criss Cross Tank Top

How to Wear A Criss Cross Tank Top

Is your summer fashion wardrobe ready? A summer wardrobe is not complete without tank tops by the galore. Especially a criss cross tank top. Why? Tank tops are the perfect way to stay looking stylish, cool and trendy during the hot summer days. Moreover there are a hundred different ways to style an outfit with them. Today we bring you an outfit from Rosegal that is not only trendy but calculated and will guarantee you a confident and gorgeous look.

Cut Out Criss Cross Tank Top

criss cross tank top
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The pink color is perfect for summer as it is light and pretty. White would look too mainstream, no? You can choose the item in 4 different sizes and BE VERY CAREFUL about the size chart. Make sure you measure yourself precisely and according to these new measurements you should place your order.

High Waisted Ripped Jean Shorts

criss cross tank top outfits
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Featuring a casual, offhand style these denim shorts have frays and rips all over. But, this edgy style is curbed with a gorgeous red embroidered rose on the right leg. These denim cutoffs have an inner lining of fishnet which peeps a little through the rips and frays. Not to mention the bright blue color of the denim contrasts beautifully with the light pink criss cross tank top.

Rhinestone Gladiator Sandals

criss cross tank top looks
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Nothing looks better with shorts than gladiator sandals like these. With a special touch to these sandals, the rhinestone detail gives off a super chill and pretty vibe. Once again, do check the size chart and according to the sizes on that chart, take your pick and place your order. Sandals are a perfect pick for a summer outfit as they keep your feet breezy and cool.

Pendant Charm Bracelet

shop criss cross tank top outfits
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A summer look is not complete without an elegant touch of jewelry. Since your outfit is not the formal type, you need a collection of bracelets to slip on your wrists. Layering bracelets on your hands give off a chic and casual feel which adds to the casual beauty of your summer outfit.

Alloy Engraved Hoop Earrings

shop criss cross tank top looks
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Last but not least, you can’t forget the earrings! Studs would look too casual for such a look that’s why you should opt for hoop earrings. Not only do they fit in with every outfit but they also complement every facial structure. These ones are gold and blend smoothly with the pinks and blues of your summer look.

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