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Curly Hair Tips: Enhance Your Curls With This Dairy Product

Curly Hair Tips: Enhance Your Curls With This Dairy Product

There are many people who have naturally curly hair but with the daily and regular use of chemical products that are present in shampoos, conditioner this natural gift is lost. I myself had the curliest of the curliest hair when I was 5-7 years old but after I started regularly using chemical shampoos and conditioners the curl in my hair was lost, possibly forever. But recently I found out about this rather common natural element which can enhance curls alongside your hair’s shine, texture, silkiness, and softness. It’s a dairy product for your perfect curly hair tips regime! Did you guess it out yet? No, it’s not milk…milk is used for straightening hair!

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It is yogurt! It has many components that are A+ for your scalp and hair follicles and most of all is perfect for girls who find themselves wondering “how to take care of curly hair?

  • The creamy substance in yogurt nourishes your scalp, increases shine and makes your hair a lot softer.
  • There isn’t really a proven reason behind how or why yogurt curls up your hair but it does and its the best way to approach the curly hair tips subject!

Now, let’s get to the good part on how to manage curly hair with yogurt and how to apply it to your hair which is pretty simple:

Curly Hair Tips: Method 1 for Applying Yogurt

Take about 2-3 tablespoons depending on how long and thick your hair is. If your yogurt is thick and has chunks of cream in it then beat it very well with a spoon/fork and mush up the creamy bits. For a finer paste sieve the yogurt bit by bit. Start with applying the yogurt in the roots of your hair then systematically going downwards.

You will not find this remedy in other popular and modern curly hair tips mags and blogs. But it is a proven method and on top of that is fully natural. You can try it out and if it doesn’t work…it will leave your hair super shiny and glossy.

Curly Hair Tips: Method 2 for Applying Yogurt:

Another approach to tips for curly hair; you can also try adding some water to your yogurt and beating it up in your blender/mixer. This method is a lot cleaner and neater than the others. But you will still want to sieve the mixture to ensure it’s smooth. With the mixture, a bit runny pour it in a spray bottle and spritz away. Keep the particles away from your face if you have oily skin.

It’s up to you to use a brush or anything else for scalp application. If you’re using method 2 then a spray a bottle is your best tool. One thing that you should be very aware of and keep in mind is that yogurt has a very prominent and lasting sour dairy smell about it.

You can fade away the smell a lot by mixing any of your favorite aromatic oils in it or add some strong essence (vanilla, lemon, strawberry; they won’t leave color and they still smell amazing). Strawberry essence is a great example. In fact, the both components with prominent smells combine together and sort of cancel each other out. This is a great way curly hair care tips regime you can follow twice a week. There are side effects!

Although if the smell stays you can apply any leave in conditioner or hair oil that is fragrant. It is an outstanding product to enhance curls and protect your hair follicles. You will no longer be finding yourself wondering; “how to care for curly hair?“.

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