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Dry Winter Skin: How to Cure Flaky Skin in One Week

Dry Winter Skin: How to Cure Flaky Skin in One Week

A countless number of ladies complain of having scaly and cracked heels as well as dry hands once the winter season starts settling in. This condition is very bad and can lead to major skin problems if you do not treat it immediately. Not to mention it is a sorely painful sight and thing to experience. To eliminate dry winter skin and regain your soft and supple skin, brought to you is a tested and ultra easy fix.

Have you ever heard of Glycerin? I suppose you have…if not then you can find it in literally any drug/medical store. It is a bottle of clear, thick liquid that is fairly sticky to the touch and leaves a hot sensation to your skin when applied. Due to its heavy nature, you can’t easily spread it around your skin and rub it in. But, here comes the magic! Vaseline on the other hand also called Petroleum Jelly is the thing you apply after Glycerin.

Glycerin & Petroleum Jelly for Dry Winter Skin

dry winter skindry winter skin

Heating the Vaseline makes it easier for the substance to absorb in your skin, so give it a try. In order to get rid of dry winter skin do this an hour before sleeping:

  • Wash your feet with water alone. Take a container deep enough for you to sink your feet in and fill it with water.
  • Place it in any place where there are no furnishings or carpets. Maybe your bathroom or your lawn. Prop a chair and leave your feet soaked in the water for a good 20-25 minutes. Busy yourself with anything in the meantime.
  • After the time is done remove your feet, lather a loofah with mild soap and scrub the sole of your foot. It is also advised to exfoliate all your foot with a mild scrub. Concentrate on your heel and the back of your big toe. They tend to always get scaly.
  • Wash off everything and pat dry your feet with a soft towel.
  • Apply a primary layer of Glycerin on your feet starting with the heel and gradually rising up to the toes. Do not take a big amount all at once but instead small drops for every small section you massage.
  • After the Glycerin is well massaged into your feet take a dollop of Vaseline on your finger, transfer it to your palm. Bring your other palm on top of it and rub in circular motions until the substance is reduced to a silvery, glistening surface of grease. Now use your right palm for your right foot and your left palm for your left foot.
  • Massage until the Vaseline is well absorbed into your skin.
  • Now put on some socks that should not be too baggy to fall off nor too tight to stop your skin’s pores from breathing. Now go to sleep and wake up next morning with baby soft skin and goodbye dry scaly skin.

Glycerin & Rose Water for Dry Winter Skin

Another alternative you can try for summer days when your skin is in a bad condition is Glycerin w/ Rose Water. The ratio should be 1:5. If the amount of Glycerin increases then your solution will be sticky and unbearable in the summer heat. If you are doubtful about how much to put, get a bottle of the same mixture at a drugstore.

dry winter skin

You can apply this alone on your skin every day and it acts as a shield from dust and protects your dry winter skin like any high-end skin cream.

Lip Enhancer for Flaky Skin

dry winter skin

Also if you suffer from chapped lips then swipe a small amount of glycerin before your lip balm. It will also bring a shine like lip gloss to your lips as well as stop your lips from chaffing; another side effect of dry winter skin.

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