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Easy Hairstyles: Fit For All Events, All Seasons, All Women

Easy Hairstyles: Fit For All Events, All Seasons, All Women

‘Tis the season ladies! And to find new ways of styling your hair for events and festivals is a must. We talked previously about easy hairstyles that are cute and really cute at the same time (wait..). This time you will be seeing a list of gorgeous and pretty hairstyles you can try out for this festive holiday. There are hairstyles for the New Year holidays too.

Easy Hairstyles – French Rolls

easy hairstyles

For a professional and festive finish add little red glittery flower pins along the line of the hair roll.

Simple Grandeur

easy hairstyles

The easiest of all easy hairstyles, the steps are pretty clear but here’s a summary: grab a section of your hair from the very front line of your hair. Pull it to the back and twist. Secure it to one side of your head with 1-2 bobby pins. Take another section from the other side of your head and twist and secure to the opposite side of your head with another 1-2 bobby pins. Keep repeating that till all the hair on either side of your head is finished.

Now, take the remaining hair, divide into 2 sections and twist over each other. From time to time add bobby pins to secure the twisty style. Aaaand you’re done with a grandly gorgeous hairdo. For further effect add cute little hair pins that glitter and are specifically red & gold.

Fishtail Chignon Bun

easy hairstyles

Instructions: Start with making your chignon braid from one side of your head. Proceed while picking up hair from the opposite side of your head and adding to your braid. In the end, you will have a cute, messy braid which you can twist into a bun. The final result is exquisite.

French Braid Ponytail

easy hairstyles

Easy hairstyles for long hair like these are so simple!
Instructions: From the top part of your head grab a section of hair like displayed in the image and start french braiding it. Keep it up until you reach a spot where you are comfortable with making a ponytail. Secure the end of your braid with a small hair tie and commence with tying your hair up in a ponytail with another hair tie and leaving out your tiny braid. After you have secured your ponytail with the hair tie take the end of your braid and twist it around your ponytail to hide the hair tie.

Easy Hairstyles’ Simple Tuck and Secure

easy hairstyles

Instructions: Pick a strand of hair from above your right ear about 1-1.5 inch thick. Take it all the way to the back half of your head. Now pick another strand from over your left ear and again bring it all the way to the half of your head but this time tuck it behind your first strand. Secure this strand with a bobby pin and there you have it. Don’t you love these cute easy hairstyles?

Two Strand Knot

easy hairstyles

Instructions. Part your hair in two sections. Grab the two sections of your hair and knot them together with a normal knot. Make yet another knot and secure all around with bobby pins. A final touch of hairspray is needed!

Three Strand Braid Bun

easy hairstyles

Explanation: Divide your hair into 3 sections! They may or may not be equal in size. You can keep the middle section thicker than the rest. Braid the middle part. Wrap it around itself, secure. Braid first the section of hair to your right and wrap around itself and secure then do the other side. A variation of this look would be braiding the two side sections and wrapping them around the primary bun.

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