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Eyeliner Tightlining – TOP 5 Beginner Tips

Eyeliner Tightlining  – TOP 5 Beginner Tips

Eyes are the catchiest feature of your face. Therefore, while going for a makeup look, eye makeup is the most integral part of it. If you are a beginner or going for a natural or no makeup look, eyeliner tightlining is a better option than putting a prominent winged cat eye liner. It makes your eye line prominent, your lashes look longer and makes you look more awake. Eyeliner tightlining is a technique where you tight line your upper water line to make your eyes look more noticeable by accentuating your lashes to look thicker and longer. Yet achieving a perfect eyeliner look is quite impossible for beginners. The following are a few techniques that can help you to decide what color to use, where and how to put it and to bask in your natural eye makeup look.

Type of Eyeliner You Must Choose

eyeliner tightlining

First of all, you should know that there are 3 basic types of eyeliners (Pencil, gel, and liquid). Gel liners are thick in consistency and typically comes in a small pot with a brush. On the other hand, liquid eyeliners are the most advanced in the category of eyeliners. They help you to achieve a perfect eye look once you master its skills. However, opting for gel and liquid liners is not that easy if you are a beginner. Therefore, pencil eyeliners are the best option for you.

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Readying Your Eyeliner for Application

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A pencil eyeliner is the easiest way to achieve the perfect everyday look. Choose a waterproof eyeliner for tightlining in order to avoid replication on your lower waterline. One of the common mistakes people make is not sharpening their liners before every application. Tightlining means applying liner to join your waterline with your lash line which requires precision. Dull and rounded liner pencil points cannot provide that. In addition to this, sharpening your equipment helps you to remove bacteria that is collected on your makeup tools.

Choose The Right-Color for Eyeliner Tightlining

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Different color liners are used to create different effects. Selecting the right shade is again a fuss. Black looks perfectly fine for a bold and striking look. However, brown and grey are the best training colors as they are more forgiving if you make a blunder. Warm browns, bronze, and copper family shades are perfect for blue eyes. Try nudes for a brighter and opened-eyed look.

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Get Set Go

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Take your eyeliner, sit and place your hand on a flat surface; that will provide your hand support to stand in place and avoid shakiness. Now, put your palm on your cheeks for further support and start tightlining your eyes. Start by tilting your face a little backward and use the end of a dry makeup brush to press your lashes upward and to get the view of your upper waterline. Now start lining your waterline from the outer corner to the inner corner. Repeat the step 2-3 times depending on how intense you want the color to be. After finishing, fill in the space between your lashes by gently making dots between them. Now curl your lashes and you are ready to go.

Use Cotton Swab To Fix Eyeliner Tightlining Mistakes

eyeliner tightlining

Even makeup pros mess up when applying eyeliners. Don’t worry, you can fix your mistake by dipping a cotton swab in makeup remover and use it carefully to remove any mistakes. Another way to correct the mistake is to dab a cotton swab in concealer and apply it on the required area to fix the smudges on eyelids.


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