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Greasy Hair and The Best Remedies For It

Greasy Hair and The Best Remedies For It

There is not a short list of hair problems in this world. Every other individual out there is suffering from a problem regarding their locks. Whether it is dry hair or split ends/breakage, every person has hair problems. Probably one of the biggest and most problematic of problems is greasy hair. I mean, look at it this way. If you have dry hair; use nourishing and rich hair products. Got split ends? Cut down on heat and trim your hair. Hair breakage? Stop wearing your hair in a ponytail and don’t style your hair when it is wet. But, oily hair…that’s the biggest problem. Some people like to search for the best shampoo for oily hair hoping that in this way, the grease in their hair will be minimized. But, that is not the best solution out there. Maybe the closest and most fortunate one but so as you can put a stop to your oily hair; you must read and know about a few things:

What is Greasy Hair?

The root of all this problem is in your scalp. There is a natural secretion which is emitted from the sebaceous glands in your scalp. This sebum is mainly created so as it can protect your hair from excessive moisture, dryness and wind. But at times when the balance tips over, your glands start to overproduce secretion and that leads to greasy hair.

How Did My Hair Get Oily?

There are many reasons to this question for greasy hair is a natural occurrence. A few reasons are listed below:

  • Increased intake of carbohydrates, starch and fat
  • Genetically passed down (not that usual)
  • Bad personal hygiene
  • Excessive hair washing
  • Hormonal changes
  • Supplements for muscle mass
  • Excessive use of hair products

Greasy Hair – Shampoo Remedy

There are one too many remedies and treatments for an oily scalp but searching for one that suits your budget and requirements is imperative. One of the first and easiest remedies is finding a shampoo for oily hair as you can just use it every time you wash your hair instead of following a regime. This type of remedy is best for busy people. OilyHairGuru brings to you 33 amazing oily hair shampoos that you should try out. The trick to finding the right shampoo for your hair, go for samples. Instead of buying big bottles of your shampoo choice try small versions of it that may come in small packets or mini bottles.

Another version of this remedy is dry shampoo for oily hair.

Aloe Vera for Greasy Hair

greasy hair

Aloe has been a legendary remedy for nearly everything since the past centuries. But now, you get to know about how it can help your greasy scalp. Its gel can be used in so many forms, whether you mix it in water or use the raw gel and massage in your scalp. In whichever way you want to use it, use it as long as you make sure that it is perfectly massaged in your scalp. But, there is one thing you should be wary of; if you have greasy dry hair (where your scalp and the roots of your hair are extra greasy but the ends are dry) then do not massage the Aloe gel all the way to the bottom strands.

ACV For Greasy Hair

greasy hair

This one’s another really effective oily scalp treatment which needs you to use only 1 ingredients which is conveniently easy to purchase at any drug store/chemist. ACV has a very high acetic level which helps in diminishing the oiliness in your scalp and roots. Depending on your hair volume and length you can judge how much water and vinegar to use. But you have to make sure that the ratio of ACV to water is around 1:10 because if the cider increases in quantity it will make more damage in your hair than fixing.

Use Lemon As Your Greasy Hair Fix

greasy hair

Lemon is one of the most variant and effective treatment for greasy hair. Not only does it perfectly do the job of stripping your hair from extra grease and oil, it nourishes your scalp and if you are feeling grand you can mix it with other oily hair remedy ingredients. Take aloe vera for instance. You can fix in your gel mixture a few drops of lemon juice and it is a perfect treatment. But make sure you do not add lemon with other acidic items like ACV for when the acidity level rises too high, your hair follicles will be very damaged.

Fullers Earth aka Multani Mitti

greasy hair

A completely natural ingredient like lemon and aloe, fullers earth is an absorbent beauty ingredients which can be used for various purposes including your skin. And for your hair it is a wonder. A truly marvelous wonder. You can make hair masks with it that will absorb all the extra oils and grease from your hair roots and scalp. But make sure that you do not leave it on for a prolonged period of time as it can over-dry your hair. Around 15-20 minutes is quite enough. Repeat this oily hair treatment every once a week and a few times a month depending on how greasy your hair is.

Alcohol for Greasy Hair

greasy hair

You probably do not know but alcohol is a superb treatment for oily hair. Whether you want to use vodka or beer, they both make awesome rinses for your hair. You can use them differently as well. You can apply the desired alcohol selection in your hair, let it stay for around 30 minutes then resume with your usual daily shampoo routine. Or you can use it as an after rinse…after you wash your hair. The ratio of alcohol to water should be scarce; around 1:5.

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