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Makeup Hacks: Useful and Practical Tips Every Woman Needs

Makeup Hacks: Useful and Practical Tips Every Woman Needs

Everyone is setting off for New Year Eve parties so would not you like to hurry up a bit? Yea everyone does. So keep these makeup hacks in mind even without a NYE party! Let’s go:

  • Eyelash Curler

eyelash makeup hacks

Instead of spending a good 1-2 minutes on brushing your removable lashes to give them a curl, turn your blow dryer on and let the heat on for 10 seconds on the lashes. Instant curler!

  • Make Your Lipstick Pop

lipstick makeup hacks

After applying your favorite shade of lipstick, you definitely want it to stand out on your face. Apply an eye shadow that is close to your skin color and brush it around the outer area of your lips. Or use a light concealer.

  • Easy Polka Dot Nails

nail makeup hacks

Looking for a style that is better than the usual plain coat…apply a primary nail polish coat. Then get a band aid and stick the side which has holes all over it on your nails and cover with another color that suits nicely. Ta-da!

  • Dotting Nail Tools Makeup Hacks

nail makeup hacks

We have all seen those ultra adorable dotting tools used in making amazing designs on nails. Yea, some of us do not have them! Instead of worrying a nail (pun intended) take a bobby pin and use the top of the longer side. Or an empty nib of a gel pen.

A guaranteed and super easy method is to get a stitching needle and a small bead. The bead’s size should depend on how big you want the dots on your nails. Heat anyone of the needle’s tips till they are sufficiently hot. Now stick that hot tip into your bead. Make sure not to push it till it reaches the other end and pokes out. Just push it far enough for the bead and needle to be conjoined. And there you have and easy nail dotting tool. Stick the needle into an old pen filler or the eraser at the back of an old pencil.

  • Too Dark Foundation

foundation makeup hacks

Makeup hacks are most useful when you accidentally buy a foundation that is a little dark in hue. Fix that with a good dollop of moisturizer in with it to lighten and increase its advantages.

  • Ran Out of Eyeliner

mascara makeup hacks

Mascara works just as fine as eyeliner. Dip your mascara brush in its container and use a liner brush to swipe some of the substance. In the little gaps of the mascara brush’s bristles you can insert your liner brush and collect the mascara. The result is satisfactory.

  • Fuller Lips Makeup Hacks

lipstick makeup hacks

After applying your lipstick shade take a light lip/eye pencil and rub a bit of it in the center of your lips. After you are done use your finger and spread the white hue all around your lips and finish with a shiny lip gloss. Give us a pout! ‘Atta girl it looks gorgeous.

  • Makeup Hacks: Eyeliner Fading Out

makeup hacks


With time eyeliners tend to loose their shine and intensity. To bring back that same glow to your liner hold the nib over a burning flame for a second or so. Not for longer for then the nib will burn up and you don’t need that. Let the eyeliner sit for 15 seconds to cool down then try it. Good as new, eh?

  • DIY Matte Nail Polish

nail makeup hacks

Who can resist matte nails? Yea, I know they’re irresistible. You can make your own matte polish by adding cornstarch to the bottle of nail polish. Because cornstarch is white you can only add it in clear nail polish or else it will stick out very badly if you add it in other colors. Unless you find colored cornstarch don’t do it.

After applying colored nail polish give your nails a final touch with the matte clear polish. It works better.

  • Matte Lip Finish

lipstick makeup hacks

Just like matte nails, matte lips are *heart eyes emoji*. Start with cleanly applying your favorite lipstick. Then place a thin paper towel or one half of a tissue paper over your lips. Use a brush dipped in translucent powder and brush away. A certain type of brush is not needed,

  • Bobby Pins to The Rescue

eyelash makeup hacks

Applying the glue to your fake lashes can be difficult and a hassle. No more of that! You can start with holding the lashes in one hand and applying the glue with the round top of the longer side of the bobby pin. Easy peasy.

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