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5 Makeup Tips That Make You Look Amazing in Photographs

5 Makeup Tips That Make You Look Amazing in Photographs

The trend of taking photographs and putting them up on Instagram has made it essential for all of us to look as flawless as we can be and steal the show in each and every picture. Apparently, we usually fail to achieve that, no matter how amazing we look in person. Do you wonder what the reason is? I would suggest you to stop thinking that you are not pretty or photogenic enough because that is not it. It is all about perfect lighting, good camera quality, your angles, and some of your makeup techniques count as well. Here are some of those makeup tips that you can try out and make your face appear slimmer, your eyes appear larger and your skin much more flawless. So, what are you waiting for? Read through and thank me later!

  1. Use a Full Coverage Foundation

foundation makeup tips

If you want your skin to appear perfectly even and flawless, full coverage foundation can help you achieve that. However, keep in mind that blending matters a lot. Rubbing it too hard on your skin will make it all out of place and uneven. So, use a very soft and gentle sponge for the application and blend it in a downward motion.

  1. Popping Highlight

highlighter makeup tips

Do you see girls all glowing in their photos like some sunshine beams? No, it is not all natural. You have got to get your hands on a good powder highlighter. First, apply a tad bit of moisturizer that suits your skin type on your cheekbones, the tip of your nose, brow bones and temples of your forehead. Then, dab a highlight using a fan brush over these areas. It will really help your highlight pop in the photos.

  1. Add Contrast to the Skin

eyeshadow makeup tips

Just like there is an option of contrast and warmth in the camera, you can also physically add it by using your makeup. Therefore, use your contour kit to give more definition to your face and make it more sculpted. Also, use a prominent eyeliner that is dark brown in color so that it is not too dark or too light.

  1. Makeup Tips – Rosy Cheeks FTW!

photogenic makeup tips

Adding hue to your cheeks is one of the best makeup tips for making your skin look healthy and fresh. So you should use a peachy or natural pink tone of blush that has a hint of shimmer in it too. Apply it enough that the camera is able to catch the hue as it usually blurs out everything.

  1. Defined and Bold Lips

lipstick makeup tips

Contour your lips with a lip liner for proper definition. Plus, contouring makes the lips appear more plumped up as well. Then, fill your lips in with a bold and beautiful lip-shade that is vibrant enough to make you look fresh and healthy in the photos. Dark and too light shades make you appear dull and tired.


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