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Nail Hacks: 8 To Help A Gal Out

Nail Hacks: 8 To Help A Gal Out

Keeping your manicure in looking on point, pretty and perfect takes a lot of effort. For some, it may be a task that they are not willing to endure but that’s only because they haven’t heard of nail hacks. Hacks are an easy way for you to accomplish, what you usually do and struggle with for hours; in a couple of minutes. Not just that but they strengthen and help your manicure in all sorts of ways. Here are some hacks from Buzzfeed, Pinterest, Youtube…etc. If you have tried any of these hacks make sure to leave a comment on your experience.


The Perfect Base

vinegar for nail polish

In order for your manicure to stay flawless for a prolonged period of time, you have to start working with a clean nail bed. Any oils or residue won’t work well. White vinegar is a fitting home remedy, that can be used to remove all impurities from your nails.


diy mermaid nails

Not every girl can afford nail tools and templates. But thankfully you can achieve the cutest designs with everyday items:

  • Plastic loofahs for mermaid designs. Snip off a small piece, tape down on your finger and create your design either with a plain color or an ombre effect.
  • Sponges for nearly everything. Whether you want to sponge on some glitter, color or nail remover any sponge can work. Dish sponges to dollar store ones! Go crazy. Check the rest of the items here

Nail Hacks: Cool Effect

dry nail polish fast

Nail polish taking too long to dry? Don’t got time? Easy peasy. Ice water works just as well. Some hacks say, run your hand under cold water but you need to be next to a sink for that…who applies their polish in the bathroom? Keep a bowl of water with ice cubed next to you wherever you are painting your nails. Dip, dry and continue.

Clean Cuticles

eyeliner brush for nail polish

Oh, the struggle of achieving clean cuticles when applying nail polish. Nail hacks don’t exactly help you in expertly painting your nails and keeping the sides clean. BUT there is a super easy way to clean them. Clean angled eyeliner brushes soaked in nail polish will help you cleanly curve around the nail bed.


diy nail polish stickers

You’ve probably heard of all the nail hacks in this list, but maybe this one’s new. You will need a freezer and LOTS of nail polish. Apply a thick layer of polish in square/rectangle shape on the freezer bag and freeze it till it’s dry. Remove the sheet of polish with a pair of tweezers and cut it into every shape you like. Different colors and wider surface areas can be covered for more innovative ideas. Stick it on your nails after you apply a fresh layer of polish. Don’t forget the top coat.

Sticky Tape for Nail Hacks

nail polish scotch tape

It is super frustrating when you remove your manicure and bits of TINY glitter are left all over your fingers. That happens with metallic nail polish as well. Instead of wasting gallons of water trying to budge the little buggers in the sink, use a strip of scotchtape and stick, remove, stick, remove…etc.

Nail Polish Remover

remove nail polish with clear polish

If you have run out of nail polish remover and need your nails clean, simply apply a layer of clear nail polish and while it’s still wet and sticky, remove all the polish with a cotton pad just like you would with nail polish remover.

Felt Like Heaven

felt for nail polish

Previously you read about using tape in removing bits of nail polish and glitter, here’s how you remove ALL the manicure. Usually, cotton pads leave behind fibers and thin strings on your glitter manicure when you attempt to remove the latter. Use small squares of felt steeped in polish remover instead.

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