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Oily Skin: Try Out these GUARANTEED Prevention Methods

Oily skin is a down-right nuisance. 3/5 people have it and still the internet is filled with complaints and questions to how to get rid of oily skin. There are a few tips you can see over here that will make getting rid of your oily skin very easy.

Firstly you should know what Aloe Vera is. It looks a lot like this!

Oily Skin

I have taken a few snaps from my huge plantation just to showcase it to you guys. Getting back to the subject…if you do not have a plant that bears Aloe Vera then that shouldn’t be a problem for you. You can easily go to your local chemist and ask for an Aloe Vera Gel bottle.

There will most definitely be additional tags labeling the bottle but Aloe Vera either way is very healthy for your skin. And that is why you should use Aloe Vera Gel so it can sap up the oiliness from your skin a bit. You should use it in a pattern. But be careful not to use aloe vera everyday on your face. If you do then the results will be a bit different than what you expected. Your skin might flake and start to itch as there is no moisture left. For those people who have extremely oily skin they can schedule their Aloe Vera mask to twice a week. But to those who don’t have such an extreme condition can do it once in a week or week and half

The mask is very easy to be done! Measure out a dollop of Aloe Vera Gel (if you have the tube) but if you don’t you can always peel a small bit of an Aloe Vera leaf and use it as your face massager. Massage the gooey substance all over your face and neck (if necessary) and allow it to cool and dry. After the gel dries, with 10-15 minutes wash your face thoroughly with water and apply pure rose water afterwards. This ensures your face is clean of excessive oils and protected with rose water.

Gram Flour

  • Try to wash your face 3-4 times a day with soap and water. If you are outside your home and decide to wash your face with soap make sure to keep handy in your handbag a bottle of rose water so as to apply on your face after the washing has been done!
  • Another very trusty way of keeping your face clean of oily fluids and greasy marks is you wash your face once or twice(depending on the extremity of your greasy face) a day with gram flour. An illustration of what gram flour looks like is here:

Oily Skin

It is slightly beige tinted and it feels rougher than white flour. Take half a tablespoon of this flour and make a glutinous paste of it and water. After that rub the mixture between your both hands and massage your face well with it. Make sure that your hair is well out of your face and swept back with hair band or bobby pins. You shouldn’t leave the gram flour as a mask but after rubbing constantly on your face for half a minute wash away the remains thoroughly. Afterwards a gentle tapping of rose water all over your face in generous quantities is a must.

No Makeup

Makeup is a NO for oily skinned people. Generally I am talking about foundation, Oshiroi, rouge and other facial products that clog the pores of the human face for hours and hours. The fact that a harmful substance will be caked all over your face avoiding the breathing of pores for hours is enough to scare you permanently away from makeup. Though you can still put on lip products, mascara and eye-liner.

If you take care to be regular in these instructions and follow the steps carefully you can easily get rid of your oily skin in 1 or 2 months! Also these tips are for both, boys & girls! So feel free to start this new routine for clean skin!

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