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Online Shopping – Do’s and Don’t’s and How-To

Online Shopping – Do’s and Don’t’s and How-To

The introduction of online shopping made the whole world a better place to live in. Having the luxury of shopping from the comfort of your bedroom is not just incomparable but can be challenging as well. Both the company and customer has to face certain drawbacks to launching their business online and shopping online, respectively. Today we will be discussing various aspects of online shopping what you should and should not do, and how to get the best out of online shopping.

Do’s of Online Shopping

online shopping tips

Just like shopping at your local mall or stores and following some rules, online shopping calls for the same. Here are the Dos:

  1. DO some background reading about the store. There is no way that you can find a store that has a 5/5 star rating because sometimes customers do silly mistakes and blame the retailer. For example, claiming the store that they lost their item when in fact it was hijacked once it reached the customer’s local post office. But still, some background reading is necessary.
  2. DO choose Shipping Insurance. This nifty little feature is a tiny investment that will save you much more in the near future. With shipping insurance, if your parcel gets lost in the mail or anything happens to it, then the store will send you a replacement without extra charge.
  3. DO refer to the Customer Support if you have an issue. Let’s face it! You can’t expect every store to be perfect. There will happen some errors and some issues. That happens with the best of the best. Do not immediately report them and give them a bad rating on all their review outlets. If the issue can be resolved, then, by all means, solve it with the Support team but if they are uncooperative you reserve the right to let the world know of their unprofessionalism.
  4. DO always check the SIZING CHART on the store. Every store has its specific type of measuring and usual US/UK/EUR sizes mostly don’t work there. Always check the sizing charts which are at the bottom of the product page or hyperlinked beside the size list. That ensures you perfectly sized clothing.
  5. DO read your product’s details thoroughly. There are always some pointers and tips written in the description as well as the material type, other details that will help you while you’re online shopping. For example, if you find a cute dress and want to buy it for summer but it is made from a Polyester blend, that won’t work for summer.

Don’t’s of Online Shopping

dos and donts of online shopping

  1. DO NOT by any means place your order on a small store that doesn’t have a reputation. They are most probably going to be inexperienced, might lose your parcel, steal your money without compensation or ship you damaged products. Always stick to the well-known retailers.
  2. DO NOT pay money in advance. Cash on delivery is a reliable option for local deliveries and in-city stores. But if you are booking online then always stick to the well-known outlets.
  3. DO NOT place your order hastily. No matter how big discounts and deals are available your order is of no use if the items are too small/huge, not the style you like…etc.
  4. DO NOT shop at alleged Instagram stores. As much as they may seem to be easier than going through the whole website-placing-order process, they are most of the times scammers and can exploit your privacy and are a threat to your personal data.
  5. DO NOT do online shopping at an outlet that doesn’t have an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate is basically a guarantee and relief that your CC info, address, phone number…etc are secured and a protected connection is created between your laptop/phone and the store. If the store doesn’t have an SSL certificate, your private information will most likely be used against you.

Tips for Online Shopping

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No matter how well off you are or how much free clothes you are being sent to different stores, a lady can never have enough fashion. So here is how you can cop yourself extra products, at cheaper rates and you always win in the end!

  1. Always look for discounts. Most reliable, famous online stores have constant discounts all year round. But make sure you don’t miss a thing by subscribing to their newsletter and getting daily notifications on what’s on sale, what’s new in and much more.
  2. SALE TIME! Specific holidays around the year call for largely discounted stuff. For example, Valentine’s Day brings you cheaper lingerie, sexy dresses, intimate wear. New Year, Christmas and Halloween bring you cheaper EVERYTHING! The craze is real so you might want to keep saving up all year for that time. Last but not least, BLACK FRIDAY SALE is when you go all out. Splurge your cash, ready yourself and revel in the crazy cheap items that will soon drown you.
  3. “Sort by Low Price”! The trick to finding the best items, probably the best you can find while still keeping an ample space in your cart and pocket for more items. Before beginning to search for anything on any store, sort the items from cheapest to highest and take your time in inspecting every item. This can be even more useful when you are online shopping during sale time.
  4. Designate a separate email for all your online shopping endeavors so your personal email doesn’t get loaded with junk.
  5. Keep a measuring tape by your side at all times when you are online shopping. Make sure you pick out the right size dress, bra, pants, jacket and much more by actively measuring yourself according to the different size chart of every website.

What are YOUR tips for online shopping?

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