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Rihanna’s Sexy Hairstyles – How to Duplicate Them

Rihanna’s Sexy Hairstyles – How to Duplicate Them

Besides being an iconic singer Rihanna has never failed to impress us with her amazing outfits and fashion curbing looks. I mean who can wear a giant red heart and still slay the look?


Yea, we do not know how she does it but it’s fabulous. Apart from her sexy and daring fashion sense Rihanna has also been quite monumental with her hairdos. From pixie cuts to dyes she has literally done every hairstyle there is in the book. But one thing you should know is that hairstyles are not impossible to achieve. You also can easily pull off one of her many famous hairdos. And trust me you’ll look amazing too. Below is a list of Rihanna 10 hairstyles which you can pull off with ease:

#10: The Sexy Loose Waves

rihanna beach waves

You can achieve this look with curlers that stay in your hair overnight. Depending on your hair’s length, find yourself some large curls for they make the loose waves. You don’t want tights curls. Run your fingers through your locks with some serum if you have to, to create the ultimate loose waves effect. A final touch of hairspray, and you’re done.

#9: Blonde Bowl Under Cut

rihanna bowl cut

If you have a pixie cut with the sides of your head shaved then you’re in luck. This hairdo is extremely easy to achieve. Divide your hair equally to all the sides of your head with the help of a mirror or someone to guide. Use the famous blow dryer + round brush method of blow drying your hair and your hair will be perfectly smooth and straight. Many say that this method does not work for short haired women but the trick is to use a round brush size that complies to your hair length. After you’re done apply some hair gel/serum and a final touch of hairspray will keep everything in place.

#8: Casual Loose Bun with Sideswept Bangs

rihanna loose bun

You don’t actually have to cut your hair and make bangs to pull off this hairdo. Instead you can easily do some fake bangs. Now fake bangs can be achieved in a number of ways. First one is by using hair extensions and cutting/styling them according to your choice. Second is using bang extensions (yes they exist) and those are just gorgeous. Third is a rather nifty trick that you can pull off with some practice. Below is a step-by-step picture tutorial:

fake bangs

It looks like Rihanna has done the same thing in her picture!

#7: The Classic Rihanna Bob

rihanna bob

If you aren’t aware by now, this hairdo is referred to as Rihanna’s signature style. That alternative choppy bob is what RiRi is known for. For those girls who have shoulder-length hair you can easily chop off a few centimeters and get this do. It’s always fun to try something new. This bob is referred to as an Angled Bob or an Inverted Bob. It technically is shorter at the back of your head (reaches to the end of your hairline) and as it comes around to your chin the hair gradually becomes longer. You can ask your hairdresser for choppy ends and he/she can give you that with the help of a razor comb or scissors.

#6: Curly Updo with Swept Bangs

rihanna messy hairdo

This hairstyle of hers was showcased in her ‘We Found Love’ music video and can we all just say WOW! That is a look! This style needs no hair cutting at all. If you have naturally straight hair then you might want to use a curling iron to achieve those curls at the front. Basically what you need to do is choose your favorite updo hairstyle, it can be a bun, twist…etc. And don’t pin the remaining hair! Instead bring it to the front of your face. Sweep it a little to the side for better eye vision but that is basically it! Don’t forget to add a bandana, headscarf or hair band at the top to give that grungey vibe. If you want you can temporarily dye some strands from the front section.

#5: Half Up Ponytail

rihanna half up pony

This one is probably my favorite for it’s so sexy and effortless. Literally takes no time to do. You can see how her edges are laid so you might want to work on that first. Next, you can also see how long her hair is even though she has a pretty high ponytail. Well, there’s the trick. All of her hair isn’t in that high ponytail. In fact her hair is in 2 ponytails maybe even 3. You can start by sectioning your hair in to 2-3 sections (depending on your hair’s volume) going from top to bottom.  And go ahead and start tying them in to ponytails. Wrap a strand of hair around the ponytail you made on the top of your head and you got yourself this look.

#4: Sleek and Straight

rihanna sleek look

Want this sleek and straight hairdo? Start off with dry and washed hair. And go ahead and straighten them. Your hair doesn’t have to be as long as RiRi’s in the picture. But if you want that, go for hair extensions. It is said that if you choose the hair dryer and round brush method (that I linked up there) your hair will have a smoother texture to it. The choice is yours. And for the baby hairs you have, take a powder brush (yes a powder brush NOT a toothbrush) and spray it with some hairspray. Now smooth that over your baby hairs and they will lie low.

#3: The French Twist

rihanna twist

You’re actually in luck for this hairstyle might look real glam on Rihanna but it really is a simple. The tutorial is below. As for the bangs you can use clip-ons but if you already have bangs, then that’s great!

#2: Half Up | Half Down

Part your hair in 2 sections from top to bottom. You will probably want to keep the lower section of your hair (near the nape of your neck) sizably smaller than the one on top. You are free to make a bun or bowknot with your top section of hair. The easier option is a bun. And you’re done! You might want to slightly curl the hair that is near the nape of your neck.

#1: Frontier Curls

Start off by bringing all your hair to the front and tie it in a ponytail a little above the middle of your head. Secure tightly with a hairtie/elastic. In order to keep the hair in place use a few bobby pins to pin your hair strands down to your scalp. Poof up the very top part of your hair section so it can cover up all the bobby pins. Slightly part the hair down the middle of your face so no vision obscuring happens.


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