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Rose Water Uses: Better Skin, Better Life

Rose Water Uses: Better Skin, Better Life

Skincare and beauty regimes have been going on and on since medieval ages. And somehow the farther back you go, the better and more guaranteed results you get. One of the oldest and most useful things used for beauty purposes was rose water. Up to this day, ladies still swear by it and even more have tried using it for different purposes. So now, not only do we have rose water (which in itself is a blessing) but we have multiple rose water uses that will simply blow you away. AND make your life easier and better. Check ’em out:

rose water uses

Facial Toner and Moisturizer

Ever needed a light moisturizer for those super hot summer days when you don’t feel like rubbing creams on your skin. Let’s face it! Summer is not the time for rich creamy moisturizers. Instead, opt for rose water. Make application way easier by pouring rose water in a spray bottle and spritzing it on your face after you shower/wash your face. In the same way, use rose water as a toner before applying your makeup or starting your day.

Rose Water Uses: For Your Body

Just as rose water uses are helpful for your face, they work wonders on your body. No, you don’t have to massage your skin with rose water. That’s too painstaking. Instead, draw yourself a bath (without soap), add 1 cup rose water and relax in the water. Stay in the water for a while then go on with your usual bathing routine. Or you could do the same procedure after you’re done bathing. In that way, the rose water has an everlasting effect.


Rose water is very fragrant and you can take advantage of that. After washing your clothes, remove them from the soapy water, soak them in simple water + 1/2 cup rose water. Give your clothes a spin, then into the dryer they go. Viola!

Rose Water Uses: Irritated Skin

Sensitive skin is very much prone to getting irritated all the time. Whether it is from soaps, contaminated water, perfumes…etc. No matter what the reason may be, if you ever find your skin irritated, itchy, red, inflamed…rose water is the remedy. Simply spritz the affected area with rose water and let dry. You might want to repeat the process twice or thrice for best results.

No More Dandruff

Surprisingly so, rose water uses are not only limited for skin purposes. The scented water which is known for its healing, moisturizing and nourishing properties will do well in removing dandruff from your scalp. All you need to is massage rose water in your scalp. Let sit for 20 minutes (minimum) then wash.

Condition Your Hair

Rose water is not an oily substance and certainly leaves no residue on your hair/scalp. So, it is perfectly safe for you to condition your hair with it after washing. Once more, use a spray bottle for it distributes the rose water in an orderly fashion on the selected area. Spritz as much as you want and wherever you want, no harm done!

Panda Eyes No More

Every girl suffers from dark eye circles and they are especially annoying when she doesn’t have the time to conceal them. Your best is to chill some rose water in your freezer for 5-10 minutes then apply it around your eyes with a cotton swab. Also great for reducing swollen eyes and redness, this method is promising.

Hydrated Lips

Chapped lips are no stranger to us! You suffer from them all year round. Change that, by regularly applying rose water to your lips. If you want you can tint it with some natural color (beetroot powder) and use it as a lip tint.

Eye Drops

For clear, bright and flawless eyes use rose water eye drops. REMEMBER TO OPT FOR 100% NATURAL ROSE WATER. Any tampering with the solution and addition of chemical will result in you getting an infection and irritation. Natural and pure rose water is completely harmless for your eyes.

Rose Water Uses: For Waxing

For many girls, waxing is a terrifying and painful experience. Especially if you can’t afford to go to parlours. Simply, go ahead with your waxing routine and after you’re done, spritz chilled rose water all over the waxed area. The rose water will subside the redness, pain, inflammation (if any) and most of all soothe your skin.

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