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Rose Water and Its Many Uses

Rose Water and Its Many Uses

Every girl should know of rose water and the many ways you can use it. Throwing it back to the times of the Greek Gods rose water was discovered a very long time ago but unfortunately it is not known all around the world. Actively being used in India, rose water has proven to be quite the magic ingredient in every girl’s beauty routine. But, there are much more uses to this clear magical fluid than just for your skin. Check a bunch of other uses:

  1. Breastfeeding Moms

rose water for breastfeeding

If a breastfeeding mom’s milk supply starts weakening or showing signs of failing, give her a generous daily amount of rose water.

  1. After Shave Tonic

rose water shaving

Avoid red and itchy skin by spritzing or dabbing some rose water on a shaved area. For better results pop the rose water in the freezer for 2-3 minutes before application.

  1. Rose Water Makeup Remover

rose water makeup remover

Forget those chemically manufactured makeup removers and try rose water and coconut oil. It’s moisturizing, healthy, cheap and mess-free.

  1. Scent your Washed Clothes with Rose Water 

rose water for washing clothes

Sick of that same smell of detergent? Use unscented washing detergent and add a few cups of this special water to your load.

  1. Cooking

rose water for cooking

Cakes can be made instantly soft with a dash of rose water. Old Indian cultures also used it for sweet dishes.

  1. Teas

rose water tea

Pop a few cups of rose water in a kettle, add some peppermint leaves, a sprig of mint or chip of ginger and make a herbal tea with double the benefits.

  1. Eyes

rose water eye drops

Bring back that healthy fresh glow to your eyes by using rose water eye drops.

  1. Hair

rose water for hair

Not just a moisturizer for your locks but also a scalp inflammation and dandruff treatment. Boosts hair growth as well! You can apply it before and after washing your hair doesn’t matter.

  1. Face masks

rose water uses for face

Because of all the healthy and nourishing properties of rose water, you can add it to every face mask of yours. No side effects at all!

  1. Skin

rose water for skin

Wrinkles and fine lines can be stalled by daily treatment with this floral water. Not to mention soothing and refreshing to your skin.

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