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Skin Problems? 6 Unintentional Habits That Cause It

Skin Problems? 6 Unintentional Habits That Cause It

One of the biggest things in a woman’s body that play a big role in her beauty is her skin. A lady’s face most importantly, holds all the beauty she truly needs to show. Caring for your face’s skin can be a huge hassle when you have no idea where to start. Maybe your skin is in perfect condition but there are little things that you are doing that are indirectly promoting skin problems. That happens most of the time because if you have a fixed daily routine, nourishing diet plan, drink plenty of water then there is no plausible reason behind why your skin is acting up. Below is a list of 10 bad skin habits of yours that may or may not be intentional and you should stop them right away if you want good skin:

  • Pool Dips

skin problems

Having a dip in your pool was never a bad thing, was it? No, but it does become a bad thing when the chlorine is just too much and it constantly comes in contact with your dry skin. Even if you take a shower afterwards, the chlorine tends to be a lot more clingy than you thought. Lessen your contact with chlorine and go for a soap that works up a strong lather when showering after a pool dip. Don’t forget to go for your best moisturizer after a bath.

  • Sleeping with Makeup Promotes Skin Problems Greatly

skin problems

You probably did not mean to sleep with your foundation on but you need to stop it real soon. Long days are a pain but don’t take out your frustration on your skin. Taking your makeup off is a responsibility that should not be overlooked. BUT, you need that bottle of cleansing water from your bathroom! AND you need to put your hair out of the way and NOT to remove your makeup on top of your bed. Cut yourself some slack! Take it easy and opt for makeup wipes instead of all this mess. Makeup wipes are loaded with the best moisturizing skin products as well as cleansers. Keep them on your bedside cabinet for those extra long days when you can’t do the whole ritual.

It is worth mentioning that sleeping with your makeup on promotes bacterial infection, clogged pores and leaves a residue on your pillow which sticks to your face while sleeping.

  • Coffee Drinkers Usually Have Skin Problems

skin problems

Did you know that coffee plays a big role in aging your skin faster than the usual procedure? Yes, it brings your skin more wrinkles. Why? Because it contains skin drying agents. And dry skin gets wrinkles quicker and easily. (Moisturize your skin daily). So quit your daily coffee routine especially if you have dry skin and go for healthy sleeping schedules. As for your skin, give it back that shine it lost from coffee by drinking plenty of water. Not a fan of plain water? Go for fizzy water or add some fruit slices (strawberries, lemons, oranges, melon, pineapples) to your water. Another suggestion would be to add some fruit juice like cranberry to your water flask.

Not to mention if you have time follow a nourishing and useful skin care routine. RealSimple has a routine for every skin type.

  • Pimple Popper

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When you use your fingers to pop pimples and try to get them out of your face, you are simply pushing all the bacteria in them deeper in your skin. Which…inevitably increases the amount of acne breakouts on your face. And if you have not noticed that after you pop a pimple the area where it resided on, turns red and gets inflamed? Not to mention the next day the same area houses 2 more pimples? Yea take that as a sign to not bust your pimples! Instead opt for organic skin care.

  • No Meal Skippy

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Many times, when you are in a hurry to get to school or have no appetite you decide to just skip breakfast/lunch. That is really dangerous for your skin. For the food you eat directly affects your skin and nourishes it. Just like drinking coffee, if you skip meals your skin will dry out quickly and in time age faster thus increasing your skin problems. Get back on track with your diet plan and add Vitamins A, B3, C and E to it so as your skin can get an added bonus from your food.

  • Accidentally Applying Hair Products on Your Face

skin problems

A girl cannot live without applying hair products in her hair, no? But sometimes your hair products and beauty products make their way onto your face. Whether it is leave in conditioner, hairspray, gel, oil..etc. One of the most famous products that land on your face is hairspray. It just goes everywhere and your face is the closest thing it can settle on. Try using a clean towel to cover your face while setting your hair. NOT a paper towel. The moisture will seep through your skin with a paper towel.

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