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Soft Goth Outfits: It’s Time for a Change!

Soft Goth Outfits: It’s Time for a Change!

Stepping into a different part of fashion is tricky at first but you can always achieve anything when you go at a slow pace and understand what you are getting yourself into. Goth fashion is a big part of the fashion world and many girls and boys find themselves intrigued with the cutting-edge style, makeup and most of all the bizarre clothing. But one can’t help but adore the ingenious edginess to the fashion trend and before you know it, you want to be in the goth clique. Thankfully, if you want to be a part of the goth community you don’t have to have a windswept haircut, 154 piercings on your face…etc. Soft goth outfits are the perfect thing to turn to. Check out how you can put together a soft goth ensemble and look effortlessly AWESOME!

High Waisted Shorts and Graphic Tee

soft goth

Graphic tees are a big hit in the goth world. Nearly all soft goth outfits have them in it. And high waisted shorts are the perfect go-to. Opt for black/gray/charcoal colors and pay attention to small detail. Look at how the tee is knotted to the side and the sleeves rolled up. Such detail is important. Not to mention, black goth rings and chokers are a must have in every outfit.

Of Crop Tops and Ripped Skinnies

black goth outfits

Ripped skinny jeans are loved by all, you probably have a pair in your closet. Make sure they are high waisted, in the color black and pair them with a graphic crop top. If you don’t have a graphic crop top then a ripped one would do. Roll up the sleeves or rip them off to perfect the edgy look. Also, look closely at the dark makeup!

Skirts and Stockings and Sweaters

pastel goth outfits

The best way to pull of a cute nerdy goth girl look is with stockings and mini skirts. Sweaters with passive aggressive text lined or emblazoned with adorable things like cats, dogs, puppies, and unicorns; they also work! The trick to achieving the aforementioned cute, nerdy goth girl vibe is to pair cute sweaters/tops with darker bottoms. Soft goth outfits are basically just that. A mini pleated/skater skirt with knee high stockings and sneakers are the perfect pairing.

Printed Leggings


You don’t normally see girls wearing printed leggings. Be the change! Soft goth outfits are all about choosing a style that is different than yours. Skulls, paint splashes, text…etc any design that lines your leggings is perfect. The girl in the above picture has chosen a layering effect. A butterfly collar shirt with a sweater on top, but you can always pull on a baggy Nirvana tank and some commando boots.

Passive Aggressive Soft Goth Outfits

soft goth outfits

This is also another example of a cute yet intensely goth outfit. The rainbow crop top sports the Illuminati eye yet it resides inside the “Circle of Peace”. The shorts, frilly and drapey are in the color pitch black. Your boots create a blunt fashion statement while the cardigan is there to give you the ‘effortless’ look.

Hi’s and Low’s

pink goth outfits

What a cute bubblegum pink dress! Uh-oh! That leather jacket looks like trouble and so do those dramatic lashes. Everything about this outfit screams “cute but psycho”. You can switch up a few things like the heels, bag and choker but refrain from adling with the key elements that are: the garters and stockings, jewelry and glasses. These items play a big role in completing this outfit.

Fishnet Leggings

goth skirt outfits

You can’t help but adore fishnets. And thankfully they play a pivotal role in soft goth outfits. For eg, this look wouldn’t look as preppy and bold if you subtracted the fishnet leggings. Buy yourself a bunch of those and make sure to finish this outfit with a pair of black platform boots.

Shirt Dress Soft Goth Outfits

goth dress

In a previous outfit you saw a bubblegum pink dress, but this ensemble is different. For those girls who aren’t afraid to show off their dark side, this sleeveless shirt dress complete with knitted knee high stockings makes you a flawless soft goth outfit. Make sure you slap on some burgundy or black lipstick and pair with black ankle boots.

Leather and Lace

lace goth outfits

Sheer lace is a super feminine part of fashion but the goth community has seized it and done wonders with it. This look is pretty simple but the leather shorts, thick belt and lace kimono creates a world of difference. If you don’t have a simple white crop top, a graphic shirt would do (tuck it in your shorts). Make sure you show that thick belt buckle. Black sunglasses and black stone rings should be available in your outfit as well. The hat is optional.

Denim & Bodysuits

dayana crunk goth

Dayana Crunk, a well-known model on Instagram helps to show that light blue skinny jeans can be worn in soft goth outfits. Except that they have to be intensely ripped and frayed. Her sheer bodysuit is what steals the cake, though! The bodysuit is full sleeved and fully covering but the mesh sections help in giving the outfit a sexier dimension. Don’t forget your hardcore boots.

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