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Spring Nail Designs for 2018 from Pinterest

Spring Nail Designs for 2018 from Pinterest

Painting nails is a super calming and satisfying activity that all us women like to indulge in. It is oddly therapeutic and is the perfect thing to do on a “me” night. Well, if that’s the case you should definitely go for a nail art night and work on some spring nail designs now that winter is coming to a screeching halt. But since winter is not fully gone yet, then you don’t want to fully dive into the brightest of designs and colors. So without further ado, check out these cute and super easy spring nail designs for 2018 from Pinterest:

Earthy Colors – Spring Nail Designs

spring nail designs

Brown is for the earth, yellow for sunshine and the green is of course for Nature’s beauty that surrounds us at all times. You can opt for different shades from these color families but stick to the plan. And of course one of your nails should feature some kind of style. In this one, the middle fingernail displays fall leaves which is poetic seeing as spring is arriving and the leaves are growing back.

Shades and Intensities

spring nail designs

Pink is for sure a spring color! So have some fun with it. Instead of painting each nail pink, opt for varying shades and different colors from the pink family. From dark to light or opt for an ombre style, make sure the same pattern is not duplicated on the other hand. Keep it fresh and unique.

Spring Nail Designs: Rosy Blues

spring nail designs

Rose pink matched with blue never goes wrong. And to top it off opt for a rose design on your ring/middle finger. You can either draw it yourself or use a sticker. Both work!

Polka Dots

spring nail designs pinterest

Yet another really cute spring design; polka dots will always shine brightly as spring nail designs that are timeless and simply gorgeous. This style is preppier than polka-dotting your whole nail bed.

Glitter Splashes

spring nail designs

Glitter is the best way to express your inner spring joy. Opt for vibrant, light, cool colors like pastel blue, pink, purple…etc.

Florals and Pastels

spring nail art 2018

PASTEL QUEEN! Pastel colors are the backbone of spring. Match them with florals and you have the cutest spring nail designs for miles around. Work it girl!

Purples and Nudes

spring nail art

Bring together purple for spring and nude from the winter season to make a nail design that is flawlessly balanced between the months of February and March. Not too springy, not too chilly!

More Florals

spring nails

So basically the message here is that florals never die. You can incorporate them in all different ways in your spring nail designs and they will always turn out looking fabulous.

Pinkish Nudes

spring nail designs 2018

More winter-spring nail designs, but that’s only because spring is not fully here yet! This is just to prep you!

Be Stylish

spring nail designs

Combining pastel pinks, nudes, and glitter; all in one nail art look is truly revolutionary. Not only is that an incredibly gorgeous design but it also matches the soft vibrant nature of the upcoming spring season. Get ready ladies!

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