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How to Straighten Your Hair Naturally with Milk

How to Straighten Your Hair Naturally with Milk

Hair styling tools and those hair straighteners can be the end of your lovely hair. The shine and gleam your hair emanates will all be gone once you adopt the harmful habit of using these flat irons and other machines. Now when you must be thinking I have gone out of my mind to tell you to stop using these tools; I have a better and healthier idea for you. There are completely natural ways of straightening your hair without damaging it forever and one of them is milk. When following these steps you should not be scared at all that you are going to eradicate your shiny locks.

How terrible that may sound but hey we do a lot of terrible things and bear good results. Fresh milk is said to be better than one day old milk. The fat and protein in the substance is highly nutritional for your hair. If you want a better alternative use coconut milk.

Firstly, pour 1/3 cup milk in a spray bottle. If you are using normal dairy milk I’d say it would be better if you add in it a bit of well-mashed banana or a strawberry or two. This takes away the dairy-ish smell of the milk. If you do not have a strawberry or a banana, a dollop of honey would do. But ensure that is well mixed in the milk. It is said that milk powder is a weak substitute.

Wet your hair, lightly! Just let it be damp. Don’t let your hair drip. Towel lightly until your hair is free of excessive water and is damp. Take care that you supply your entire scalp with an equal quantity of milk so as that you can experience the full effects of these multi-purpose dairy product. Spray the milk from the very top of your hair till the very end. And confirm that the amount of milk you supplied your scalp with should be just the same amount you give to the ends of your hair.

Comb your hair afterwards in order to leave behind any tangles or curls since the sole purpose of the milk is to straighten your hair. A wide-toothed comb would be perfect in such an occasion. Also another reason to why you should comb your hair is to get rid of milky lumps.

Get to washing your hair after nearly 20-30 minutes of keeping the milk in your hair. If you let it stay more than the deadline you will be smelling like sour milk for another 2 or 3 days. In the time being you get along with your daily routine. Maybe shave your legs, paint your nails or make a face mask. After the time is over step in the shower and wash your hair as usual. But, you have to take care that you rinse your hair more than often or add a wee bit more shampoo in your scalpIf you put too much shampoo in your hair your hair will turn to a wispy and dry bundle of twigs. Just kidding, it will dry out that’s all.

Condition your hair as usual and get done with everything. But remember leave your hair to dry naturally and do not use blow dryers or any sort of heating tool.

REMINDER: This remedy takes out the desired results if your hair is wavy. But if your hair is stubborn and curly the milk will not straighten it but it will supply it with a huge amount of nutrients and protein getting your hair to be thicker, softer and shiner.

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