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Tie Dye Dress Dream Outfit from Rosegal

Tie Dye Dress Dream Outfit from Rosegal

Dresses are the best part of summer. The only season when you can freely wear all sorts of dresses, is here and you must take advantage of this. The best type of dress you can sport in summer is a tie dye dress. Many of them are emblazoned with bright colors that match the colorful spirit of summer. Not to mention if you opt for ones resembling a maxi-style, that is even better. Check out this gorgeous outfit brought to you by Rosegal.

Bohemian Racerback Tie Dye Dress

rosegal tie dye dress
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Shoe Choice with Tie Dye Dresses

When it comes to your shoe choice, you have a lot of options with a wonderful tie dye dress like that. Here are 4 options (there are way more) that you can choose from:

Low Wedge Rhinestone Sandals

tie dye dress outfits
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Dazzling and super elegant, this low wedge sandal will make you sparkle and look ready for a gorgeous evening dinner or even a beach party.

White Leather Sneakers with Floral Applique

rosegal shoes
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If you want to opt for a fashionable yet edgy look, sneakers would look marvelous with your tie dye dress. The white contrasts beautifully with the purple but if you want these sneakers in another color, you can also find them in black.

Gold Glitter Heels

shop rosegal footwear
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Gold sparkles and belt buckles with detail on the heel…wow! These heels are most definitely stealing the show once you show them off with your vibrant tie dye dress.

Strappy Peep Toe Heels w/ Button Detail

rosegal heels
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Calm and a bit more subtle than the rest of them, thee apricot colored heels feature a tall strappy design that can be fastened with cute knobbly buttons.

Golden Alloy Hoop Earrings

rosegal jewelry
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Jewelry and accessorizing is a big part of every outfit. And you can’t go wrong with large gold hoop earrings that’ll frame your face and give you a beautiful finish.

Contrast Stripe Chain Handbag

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Last of all, comes the bag which has to be petite, small and easy to maneuver. After all, the look you are going for is easy and you don’t want a large tote coming in the way of that. Opt for a small handbag, and this boxy one suits just fine.

Summer Sale Specials

rosegal summer sale

If you want to shop for more items and take advantage of the various summer sales on Rosegal, make sure you check out their HUGE summer sale special discounts where everythign is 33% off. Don’t forget to use code RGEN for an ADDITIONAL 10% off when you place your order. Happy shopping, Fashionistas!

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