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Vaseline Hacks: What Can It Be Used For?

Vaseline Hacks: What Can It Be Used For?

You have most definitely read so many articles about Vaseline and watched the various videos about how you can use it for your hair, skin, face…etc. But, quite honestly there are some of these hacks that do not work and are mainly created for (no offense) publicity and traffic. For example, using Vaseline for your hair is a dead wrong idea. Not only will the greasy substance weigh down your hair and give you an oily dead hair day but if you apply it too close to your roots, you’ll end up with pore blockage and quite possible dandruff. So that is a definite, NO! But below are some guaranteed, tested Vaseline hacks you can try out and end up with fine results.

vaseline hacks feet

Cracked Winter Heels

In winter, whether you may want to admit it or not, we all get cracked heels. Especially busy bodies who do not have time to exfoliate, moisturize and give their feet the best service. Good news! Vaseline can cure that overnight. Quite literally. All you need to do is exfoliate your feet before sleeping, apply a generous amount of Vaseline and massage it into your skin. Then pull on some loosely fitted socks and go to sleep. Wake up tomorrow with baby soft heels. You can repeat this as many times as you want.


Vaseline Hacks: For Your Lips

Chapped lips are a very common issue to many. Although a chapstick seems to be the end of your problems, it actually isn’t. With their short-term effects, chapsticks don’t cure your chapped lips but only keep the inevitable at bay. Vaseline, on the other hand, shows you marvelous long-term changes if you are regular with applying it. Leaving a swipe of the product on your lip overnight will bear the best results.


Exfoliating your skin, and cleaning it from residual dead cells is an important part of skincare. Body scrubs are your healthiest option and luckily you can make them yourself. Vaseline being your perfect moisturizing agent, mix portions of it and sea salt in the ratio of 2:1. That’s it! Of course, you can be more innovative with your scrub. Add essential oils, essences…etc.

Vaseline Hacks for Cuticle Cream

There are many cuticle creams sold in markets labeled at expensive prices, but Vaseline is a way cheaper and effective alternative. With its super moisturizing nature, in less than 2 days, your cuticles will be looking perfect. On that note, Vaseline hacks also deal with nail polish peel-offs. Apply Vaseline in the same way you’d apply a peel-off glue, except you don’t peel it off, just wipe it off.

How to NOT Use Vaseline

vaseline hacks for eye

All the aforementioned hacks are safe, tested, proven and guaranteed. For prior notice, here are some hacks that not only are harmful but downright ridiculous and you should refrain from actually doing them.

  • Applying Vaseline on your lashes!

Vaseline hacks do not deal with lengthening your lashes. They have no boosting or nutritious element that will in any way give you longer lashes. In some cases, Vaseline makes their eyelashes fall out. Instead, opt for virgin olive oil. More moisturizing, with no downsides and will quite literally make your eyelashes grow.


  • Vaseline for your hair

Whoever suggested this idea had no clue of the disadvantages you get upon touching your hair with Vaseline. Vaseline is super greasy and if you apply it on the strands of your hair, your hair will most definitely look greasy, dead and weighed down. Not just that but due to its highly oily texture, any dust particles flying in the air and fibers from your clothes will get helplessly stuck in your hair. And you’ll look like you just emerged from a dryer.

Always keep greasy substances AWAY from your scalp. Do not apply Vaseline to your scalp! Anything with a greasy consistency is supposed to be washed out of your hair and if left for a prolonged period of time, will lead to blocked pores and a bad case of dandruff.

  • Facial Moisturizer 

There are some substances that are supposed to be put on your face and some that aren’t. Vaseline falls in the last category! Your face is a special part of your body and the skin on there is quite different than the rest. Meaning, you can rub Vaseline on your hands, arms, and feet but do NOT apply it on your face. You will end up with a sweaty, greasy face and blocked pores which result in damaging your facial skin. Even those who have the dryest skin shouldn’t use Vaseline on their face. This also applies to using Vaseline as a facial highlighter.

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