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Backless Shirts: Wear Them Like a BOSS

Backless Shirts: Wear Them Like a BOSS

Fashion takes various turns and twists but thankfully there are some styles which stay themselves along the way. It is a relief having such styles in your wardrobe to save you whenever you don’t feel like wearing the hottest trends. Backless shirts happen to be one of those timeless styles that you can’t help but adore. You get the best of both worlds when wearing these designs. For starters, they are adaptable to any wardrobe regardless of what you have in there. Secondly, with the variety available for backless tops you can easily fill your wardrobe with them. Each style is unique in its own way! Here are some styles and how to wear them:

V Wrap Backless Shirts

v backless shirts

V backs are just as wonderful and versatile as V necks. They are even better when you can find them in a wrap style. Such backless shirts are best worn when tucked into your skinny jeans /shorts.

Sporty Backless Shirts

open backless shirts

Usually, these designs are worn for sports and workouts. But as always sporty clothing is being incorporated in designs you can wear every day. With such a cut and style you want to make sure you compliment your derriere. Opt for some booty hugging skinny jeans or jeggings with this design.

Tie At The Back

knotted backless shirts

Yet another super chic and unique design for backless shirts that you can wear everywhere. You might need some help in tying the knot at the back but mostly these shirts are sold already tied. Shorts made from flowy fabric like satin and linen would look great with this style. Also, opt for skinnies and skirts.

Backless T Shirts

strappy backless shirts

Such a design is not popular in the markets but it does seem to fall under the label of backless shirts, so why not? Worn by celebrity Rita Ora, the shirt is a short sleeved and long. Keeping your look casual and chic is a key factor when wearing such a random yet spunky item like this.

Shoulder Strap Backless Top

open backless shirts

Strategically placed shoulder straps and a bottom band, this style can be found in online stores with a few minutes of searching. Its tight fit calls for an equally fitted pair of bottoms. Denim cutoffs, fitted knee shorts, and distressed skinny jeans are some prime pairing options.

Ruffled Backs

ruffled backless shirts

Ruffles are the best way to adorn any bland outfit of yours. With a ruffled backless shirt, you can accomplish the best hipster look. Lacy, beaded, frayed, floral and crocheted fashion are some great options to contemplate pairing with your ruffled backless top.

Peardrop/Keyhole Back

keyhole backless shirts

Elegant to say the least, this pear drop backless shirt is another gorgeous piece to be worn for all occasions. From formal to casual places, this design can be worn with everything except short bottoms. They would cancel out the elegant feature.

Cowl Back Shirt

drapey backless shirts

You have always seen cowl necks and wondered over their beauty and effortless elegance, no? Now you can wear cowl backed shirts as well and they are just as stunning. Available in full sleeves, short sleeves, different necklines, and lengths there is no stopping to the different number of items you can pair this shirt with.

Cutout Back

cutout backless shirts

Is this a backless shirt? Technically it has less of a back than most other shirts! Cutout back shirts are super innovative and come in all designs. Some are ascending lines, others hearts while others create a capturing display of a ribcage, skull and crochet design. Everything from shorts to skirts and skinny jeans can be worn with this top.

Completely Open Back Top

open back backless shirts

A super bold and daring piece to be pulling on, every girl knows the risk with wearing such a shirt. Parties, club nights and rowdy drinking games at the pub call for such a racy style. Just make sure you wear your tightest pair of jeggings with it.

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