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TOP 6 Wedding Beauty Hacks for Your Big Day

TOP 6 Wedding Beauty Hacks for Your Big Day

While the wedding planner takes care of every last detail during the event, from the invitations to the execution. The beauty department is mostly ours to handle. Who doesn’t want their makeup to be flawless on the day of their wedding? A lot of brides are going to get a heart attack when they get up in the morning with puffy eyes or when they see their skin getting oily after they’re done with their makeup. Worry no more, here’s a list of wedding beauty hacks that are undoubtedly going to come in handy.

Wedding Beauty Hacks: Oil Blotters

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When you enter the makeup room at the venue and look in the mirror and see that your face is getting oily. Take a deep breath and calm down! Ask one of the waiters to bring you a coffee filter. A coffee filter has the same properties as an oil remover. Pat your face gently and let it work its magic. The main thing to remember is to pat not rub if you don’t want your makeup to smudge. Follow this hack, and you’ll have a flawless face for the entire ceremony.

Stain Remover

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Some of you all have surely been in that situation that you stress about a particular thing all day long; you pray that it doesn’t happen, yet it does, and you lose your mind. Most brides worry about the fact that they might spill something on their dress or that they’ll get sweat stains due to an imbalance in the temperature. The go-to solution in this situation is baby wipes. If you don’t have any at hand, you can ask around. Anyone with a child will have one.

Wedding Beauty Hacks for Eye Puffiness

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If you’re used to partying hard, you can have puffy eyes in the morning, and that can be a visible flaw on the day of your wedding. A quick and easy way to deal with this particular situation is to pop 2 spoons in the freezer for a little while and after they’re cold, rub them all over your eyes. They will constrict the blood vessels and therefore will reduce the puffiness and any proof that you were up late partying hard.

Wedding Beauty Hacks – Touchups?

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Touch ups are a definite must if you want to keep your makeup on point throughout the day. With everyone meeting the bride the blush often gets dull. If you don’t have a blush on hand, don’t sweat it. Use your lipstick instead. Swipe your lipstick on your cheek and pat it out with a finger. You can keep the party going without any blush concerns.

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We all have that one strand of hair that is extremely hard to tame. An easy hack to make sure that they don’t stand up is that use your hand cream. Doesn’t use too much as it can make your hair look greasy but a little amount is sure to tame that wild flyaway.

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When you walk around all day, your heels can cause you blisters. If you spray your deodorant on your heels before you wear them it will help to reduce the friction and therefore will prevent blisters.

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