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Fashion hauls are 100% the top most favorite thing any girl can indulge in. The Fashionista Lassie team, fortunately, had the honor of indulging in one purely sponsored by Zaful. If you haven’t checked out the Part 1 of this exciting journey, you have to. And the haul just keeps growing larger with the wonderful and high-quality items we got from Zaful. Stick around if you want to read more and assure yourself of the premium quality service this outstanding store provides:

Zaful Review: Cropped Cable Knit Off White Turtleneck 

Cropped turtlenecks were the biggest HIT this winter. They are easy to pair with high waisted skinny jeans, wide leg trousers, and even skirts if you are mindful of which material and texture to go for. The color is very versatile for you can pair it with red, blues, purples, blacks, greys, whites, greens…etc.

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Black 4 PC Handbag Set

What a record deal! For the price of one singular handbag, you get 4 actually. And the cutest surprise is that they package each bag within its slightly bigger predecessor. From the tiniest wallet for your credit card, a couple of bucks and driver’s license to a big leather tote, you have it all in this adorable collection.


zaful experience

Wine Red Cropped Boat Neck Sweater

Another super cute cropped sweater that comes in the best winter color you can possibly want/need. Wine red! This color is very closely related to burgundy which is the perfect shade for your winter wardrobe. If you want the best outfit, pair this with black high waisted skinny jeans (possibly ripped/distressed), a beanie and black combat boots.

zaful review

Blue and White Board Shorts

What? Preparing for summer is necessary especially when you can find such a great deal on such an awesome pair of board shorts.

zaful reviews

Brown Leather Handbag w/ Detachable Strap

Can you guys tell that we are addicted to leather handbags? Well, only if they come from Zaful! The quality is incomparable and is really high-end. This one has a detachable shoulder strap which makes it all the more versatile and coolio. One day you got a 90s satchel and the other a perfect fashionable contemporary tote.

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Chic Octagonal Hoop Earrings

At Fashionista Lassie we are constantly searching for new ways to refresh our fashion memory. With these octagonal earrings, you can definitely add a new dimension to your outfit. They glint in any hint of light and are super easy to wear. Not to mention they can easily be worn with anything.

zaful review

Double Triangle Earrings

You got double trouble with these badass earrings! They work by giving you a double earring look. One triangle goes behind your ear and the other at the front. Awesome, no?

zaful customer review

Swallows Bracelet – Zaful Review

The perfect bracelet to spice up any normal outfit of yours. It is iconic in itself and super cute. You can include it in any of your upcoming outfits for when the weather gets warmer to add that cute summer-spring vibe to them.

zaful reviews

Black Grey Midi Padded Socks

These are the warmest socks you could ever get your hands on. They are super soft on the inside and thick on the outside. There is no chance that your feet ever feel cold while you’re wearing these cute socks. You can also wear them with shoes that are slightly larger than your foot size so they can fit perfectly.

zaful customer review

Grey Embroidered Tunic Top

This top is just gorgeous! So easy to style and can be quite literally worn with anything. The second image showcases an example outfit casually thrown together but you can also opt for black skinnies, blue bell bottoms and high waisted mom jeans (tuck the shirt in them). Throw on any top and it will look effortlessly casual and cute.

Leopard Print Asymmetric Hem Shirt

If you are looking for comfort, soft material and killer vibes then this effortless and easy top is what you should get. It can work as pajamas and casual wear depending on your mood. But, beware! It is cute as HECK and super soft (almost silky).

Red Checkered Belted Top

Oh, the compliments you will receive on this one! Dress it up or down, as you like just make sure you pull those belted strings and get a snatched waist.

Black Leather Braided Bracelet

The best thing about this bracelet is that it is unisex. One second you could be wearing it and the other any male you know will be too. The clasp mechanism ensures that the bracelet won’t just slip off you wrist and is easy to open/close. It adds a punk vibe to an otherwise simple and feminine outfit and blends in flawlessly into any tomboy outfit of yours.

2 in 1 Ring and Bracelet

The struggle of having to choose between wearing rings or a bracelet is real, ladies. But you don’t have to worry about that with this gold colored ring and bracelet with white stone detail.


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